We were quite unlucky in terms of attending marriages as we were studying in boarding school. And our parents lived thousand kilometres away, so it wasn’t easy for them to come and take us just to attend marriages and other possible reason could be that studies were priority for our parents. Well, we would just wonder if we would be able to attend our own wedding or not. Thankfully, we attended our own wedding and we are happily married.

Well, to begin with let me tell you that I enjoyed a good rapport with our then Principal Sir. This fact was known to almost all the boys school and a few junior school teachers and of course all the students. Sometimes, they would call me ”Younger Brother of Princi.” He invited me on his sons’ birthday parties and I would convince him and made sure that our class boys were part of those events.

In the month of April, one of our kitchen staff Vinod Bhai’s younger brother was married and he invited me along with my classmates for Wedding reception. So all my classmates were excited to attend the wedding reception which was scheduled at night. Most of us didn’t take dinner in order to play a longer inning of hogging at the wedding. After the night prep, we were sent to dormitory by MOD. We took bath and got ready in our coloured clothes. I went to Dormitory Supervisor and asked him to open the gate as we were supposed to attend the wedding reception. He didn’t ask me if I got the permission from Headmistress or Principal. He assumed that since we were seen in parties of Principal and enjoyed good rapport, he opened the gate and we attended the reception. Almost all the teachers and Headmistress BS met us at the reception, but no one dared to ask us that who permitted us to attend. We enjoyed the party and few of us were seen dancing on the beats of DJ. In the middle of the reception, Principal’s personal servant came to meet me and we had little talk and he went. In all, everything was fine and we returned to dormitory.

Our Principal Sir was out of city for few days. He returned after two or three days. After the assembly, our Headmistress Ma’am called Anirudh and I as we were Captain and Vice-Captain respectively. She said that Principal Sir wanted to meet us at that moment at his residence. We were relaxed as it was routine affair for us to visit Principal’s Residence. As soon as we entered, we wished him and he asked us to sit and from his and the conversation which took place was as follows:

Principal: Who allowed you people to attend wedding reception? This is boarding school.
Anirudh & I: (We were silent.)
Principal: Do you know your responsibilities (School Captain and School Vice-Captain)?
Anirudh & I: Hmmm Y–e–e–s–s Sir (I thought beta tune bahut enjoy kar lia ab last hai yeh)
Principal: Whenever I go out of station, I am convinced that at least I won’t get any complain of Boys School as I feel you both are responsible and sincere students. I am surprised that few boys attended the wedding and you not aware at all.
Anirudh & I: (A sigh of relief. Thank God he doesn’t know that were part of that group)
Principal: I am giving you 24 hrs time and by tomorrow before lunch, I need their names who attended the wedding.

Coming out of his residence, we started laughing that thankfully he doesn’t know the names. But very next moment, our faces turned pale. We were given the task to report those names. We were fixed in a dilemma, that whose name should we give and if he came to know about us, then that would put a full stop on favour which he gave us. So we planned that for next few days, we should not be spotted to him on his visit to school. After few days, again he called us, on the way we decided that we would tell him honestly and ask forgiveness, We had no other options, and we also decided to take responsibilities of our classmates on us. Thankfully, he started different topic and we felt relaxed.

I wondered if he forgot the task he gave us or he got to know that it was us along with our classmates. Whatever it was, it was surely a narrow escape for me. And this wedding reception would be in memory forever.

– Modassir Mushtaque

This article was shared by Modassir Mushtaque (School Vice Captain, Patel House Captain & School Cricket Captain, Session 2009-10) on May 02, 2020.


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