When I was young, I lived there
That’s where I spent most of my teen-hood
Which gets it’s own mention sometimes.

Somewhat laid-back, easy-going & sleepier
You could walk almost anywhere,
At any time of the year, night or day
The Dehra of my schooldays.

I had known and loved
A little immature but it came straight from the heart.
The heart & mind of a 13-year-old.

It’s still fresh today,
So spontaneous and unsophisticated
Where I did capture the elementary aspects of life.

The atmosphere of the place comes quite strongly,
Through the essence and experience that I had captured.

I was quite happy writing up stories,
Most of the time written after dark,
By the light reflected from the other dorm.

My talent went unappreciated
As I kept it in my accord
But then again, some things are sweet mystery
That are never revealed and solved.

It must have been the ambience of the place,
That suited my temperament.
And like that they refuse to go away.
Like, it can never go extinct.

I had known this long since
As long as it’s there
I know that a part of me still lives
In the Dehra of my schooldays.

– Ankita Banerjee (2016 Batch)

This piece was shared by Ankita Banerjee on her Instagram account on June 22, 2018. This is Ankita’s first post on Oakgrovians Young & Old.


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