Inspired by Kanishka Mallick Sir’s Lockdown series, I decided to share my bit.

Escapade -1 (OGGS Batch -2008)

After the end of each term, after we returned from excursions, while we were still busy reminiscing the tour…our headmistress got busy fixing up the timetable for the new term.
The first draft was made in pencil on green or pink chart paper and later, after analysing its success or editions (if necessary) was done in ink.
The trial timetable ran for good 20-30 days (may be more if my memory serves right)

My class being My Class, did our bit of editing. While the pencil draft was on, we changed two consecutive Friday’s maths classes ( maths always got two periods together) to Art. Now, Friday was Art day in GS, so all the classes got their share of one period. So, now we had 3 art classes in a day.

We spent that month of Class IX bullfighting, while normal classes commenced in adjacent rooms (yea, that was my class game with two volunteers entertaining the rest of us with Yashna as the constant winner until Kashni decided to step in)

… and with time, the final Timetable was put up… Now permanent in sketch pens with little leaf like drawings on the corners.

… Meditation Marathons began while Ma’am Dhondhiyal planned the weekly tests and bullfighting was now a recess activity.

– Kriti Singh (2008)

This piece was shared by Kriti Singh on  March 30, 2020 on the OG Langoors, Hoors & Khatte Angoors of their Life Facebook group.


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