On June 1, 2019, Oak Grove turned 131. For all those who missed out on attending the event, we are delighted to bring you the sequence of events, like in the recent past. For everyone who attended the function, here’s another look at it. For all of us who love Oak Grove, it is our privilege to share with you a pictorial narrative of June 1, 2019, as experienced by a bunch of us at school.

This album covers the Founders Day valley programme. While we did visit various exhibitions in the three schools a day earlier, this album doesn’t document them. We hope you’ll enjoy going through the pictures just as much as we loved bringing these glimpses of our beloved Oak Grove to you!

Predictably, compulsively, obviously, we will be there to celebrate our Alma Mater’s birthday once again next year. Till then, relive the nostalgia that was Founders Day 2019.

These photographs are from a trip to Oak Grove School in June 2019. These were posted by Puneet Monga (1991) on the Oak Grove School, Mussoorie Facebook page.


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