Get-together with Oakgrovians Forever

Uh! last night, I can’t even put out all my emotions to describe these two words “LAST NIGHT”. But still, I will go on…

Starting with myself, the writer, the term would be “a recent turned ex-OG”. I know it sounds like a meteor striking the earth’s surface, but it’s the weird truth! You know, till last week I was enjoying my boarding school life at OG, and as soon as I was done with my boards, or rather, the students who were done with their boards, we were bloody thrown out of the school by school admin the next day. Critical 10 years, like all those students who spend their life at OG for these years, and now we were suddenly separated from our family (the OG family). Sigh! But I find myself the luckiest guy of my batch, who got OG back almost as soon as he left OG. Sounds interesting, right? Bang on!

It was thrilling! So, when I landed in Delhi from DDN after my boards, I rang up Puneet sir (he’s from a batch 27 years senior to us, but is still our online batchmate). I said, “Sir, I’ve arrived here” and he said, “Cool, so before you make any other plans, be free on 31st evening.” I thought, is there going to be a New Year celebration? He said, “Buddy, its March not December! Rather, there’s going to be a Delhi-Chapter get together at CP. So we’ll hangout there.”

I was excited and said I was definitely going to come. In a moment, the excited state returned back to normal state, and then I realised that Bro, just 5 days ago you were off with your boards and now you’re planning for a “get-together”? How does it even make any sense? So, I succumbed to the thought of dropping the idea. I was on my bed, it was around 1700 hrs, I had a talk with Puneet sir, he asked me whether I was ready or not ? “I’m getting off from my office and would pick you up within 1 hr.” So I shared the thought that was sprinting in my mind. He exclaimed, “What are you up to buddy? This is OG, don’t think too much, you’ll get to explore new things, so forget all the doubts and get ready!” So I did as he suggested and made my way out. And finally, we reached “The Park” at CP.

The moment I entered, I could see a bunch of Ex-OGs waving from various batches, like 1953-2012! And yes, including me it was 2018 as well… hahaha!

Trust me, I couldn’t imagine that the people would be so happy to see a new participant from 2018 batch, who had recently kicked off his boards exam – something they were both delighted about and amazed. And everyone had the same first question, “Beta, what is the issue with your eco paper? Are you returning to the school?” And I kept on repeating, “No sir/ma’am, thankfully I chose my subjects as science” (My stream is PCM and I’m not a victim of the recent paper leak)…

And yes I was a “CHICK” there, but the formal one! We began with the obvious, that was our glorious school song, and that was followed by a ceremony of distributing a few tokens of appreciation for things like the Oldest Oakgrovian attending, love for OG, OG couple (Nikhil sir and Neha ma’am 2005) and — la la la la — the Youngest Oakgrovian too!! Guess who was that luckiest guy? I was bestowed with that HONOUR!

And then, it went on to the dance floor, where all Oakgrovians young and old burnt the floor with their strength, excitement and “THUMKAS”. I was totally starstruck, watching the people from batches such as 1965-70 or something – they were stupendous, super se bhi upaaarrrr…

And and and.. the proudest as well as exciting moment for me was, when I got to know that there’s an Ex-OG named Col. Hunny Bakshi, on whom recent Bollywood movies like “Aiyaari” and “Baby” were based.

Further, we continued with the party and discussed all sort of things that went decades back, and all that is going on with OG life right now. At about midnight, we left the place and I went to Yellow Brick Road along with Puneet sir, Bagariya sir, Neha ma’am, Nikhil sir and Abhishek sir for some post-midnight coffee. It was 1:30 AM. What a thrilling adventure for me. We all sat there for around 2 hrs, had a lot of gossip of BS and GS and the thing which nobody bothered about was JS.. Let us chuck it, GS is an interesting subject 😀

I mean, like 3 decades were sitting together. 2 from 1991, 3 from 2005 and a lone warrior from 2018 batch. And the supreme matter of discussion that was on the floor in our MICRO LOK SABHA session was “THE TRANSFORMATION OF LOVE IN OG FROM THEN TO NOW” Everyone was coming up with their points and tremendous experiences, from chatting on chits to cooking up stories in diaries, from fooling friends through fake love letters to having strong connections, from chhip-chhip ke dekhna to meeting at the back side of GS… this was the matter of concentration, the details of which will be in my next volume (so stay tuned)…

And how my last minute decision turned to be so amazing, all thanks to Puneet sir!

Moving forward, we got up from there at around 3:00 AM and drove back to home – Not mine but Nikhil sir’s…

And trust me, even for a single second I didn’t feel that I’m in someone else’ home. I was very much comfortable there, as if it was mine. This is connection between all Oakgrovians young and old, with uncountable and cherish-able memories that go on and on and on…

When you go abroad and you find Indians there, that joy is much much greater. If you find an Oakgrovian, it doesn’t matter how much you’re junior to him or senior, the bond itself says “Tootegi kaise? Oakgrovians ke pyaar se jo bani hai”…

And the last stanza dedicated to all the OAKGROVIANS young and old…

एक स्कूल और एक ही पाठ
चाहे वो हों पाँच या आठ
पत्थर सा नीचे हो या हो हिमालय सा ऊँचा
जब ये धड़कन मिलती है तो कोई ना रहता अधूरा
दूर हो के भी पास होते हैं हम, एक बार बोल के तो देखो
लाखों की तादाद में मिलेंगे हम!


– Priyam Sinha (2018 Batch)

This article was shared on email by Priyam Sinha on April 1, 2018. This is his first submission on Oakgrovians Young & Old.


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