It is an empty feeling; been a long time since I saw you
But then, you never left me
I never could move away from you
To make me get what I need
I am coming back to you……

Between those closed gates, were open hearts
Amidst strict words, was unconditional love
Every senior became an inspiration, every junior a buddy
Every batchmate was best friend forever
All of this, without even giving it a try
It was natural to fall in love; it was usual to keep smiling
To fall in love once again
I am coming back to you……

Parents left their kids, you embraced them like one
Every step that a child would take, you were not be seen beside
But you were walking behind, ready to hold if ever he falls
Every game, every fight, every win, every hurt
When we fought, you screamed
When we cried, you wept with us
When we won, you celebrated more than us
Every time; time and again this happened
To my family, I need
I am coming back to you……

It is where it all began; you gave me the sense
Get introduced to my senses, myself and the world….
The morning fog above; clouds below our feet
Nature walks and group jogs
The peaceful warm sun; pestering non stop drizzles
The scary thunderstorms; cold unmoving winters
To sense them together, feel and hold them
Carry them all in my breath
I am coming back to you……

You are unique; a world in itself
Timeless, with a clock of its own
A pace less progress; beyond color and shades
A life lived in isolation; similar in so many different ways
Beyond time and tasks; people and beliefs
To stand still and watch time pass by
I am coming back to you……

Everyone loves you like I do
Everyone loves you more than I do
But, every time, I want to feel loved
Every time, I feel lonely
Every single time I feel alone
I want to run to you, and need that same embrace
Only to be whispered in my ears
By a distant but familiar voice
You never went away, I never left you
You are in me, I am in you
But to confess my love once again
I am coming back to you……

– Kanishka Mallick (1996 Batch)

This poem is a work by Kanishka Mallick. This content has been reproduced from a post on the OG Langoors, Hoors & Khatte Angoors group by him on November 05, 2013.


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