Walk along the Chunakhala Road towards Jharipani and here comes Oak Grove School,
What are you thinking, why are you surprised, if you are from Allen or Georges then keep your cool,
Down the valley with greenery all over you will find the sports achievements on the spool,
There was a ‘Dating Point’, God knows if it exists today or not and that was called swimming pool.

Right in the April of 2000, a new chapter was written in OG’s sacred history,
Young minds full of talent entered and for them everything seemed a mystery,
Vishesh’s long distance races were far away from the story,
Still we love to ride on Rajkamal’s glory.

Pranjal a calm and cool batsman moreover a complete gentleman,
Down my memory lane is fresh Akash’s dancing icon ‘Batman’,
Without any doubt Imran Khan was the Best Sportsman,
How do I rate Nishant Juyal, no doubt extra talented and we lovingly called him, Ma**man.

I think this poem is incomplete and doesn’t make sense,
Oh! I remember Noorul’s worth and essence,
Sumit Ranjan and Noorul’s basketball skills were always for competence,
Murmu’s horror stories and acting skills showed his presence.

Prashant Gupta always kept us laughing with his deadly PJ,
Bhardwaj, Abhishek Anand, Shashank and Rohit Raman had set up class DJ,
Saurabh Kumar would loved to be called himself as MJ,
Lots of memories of Abhishek Kumar and SJ (Shivam Jauhari).

Kamal was an allrounder and was always my best mate,
Shantanu’s batting was something that juniors still loved to rate,
Duo of Deepak-Gaurav were always seen roaming near the Girls’ School gate,
Sweet Lucknowi Language of Sarthak would never let you hate.

If any name is missing and you were part of millennium achievers batch,
Just relax, Modassir is trying to remember so let him scratch,
I remember Aman Singh for his electrifying fielding and catch,
There is a unique guy and how on earth can you find Anshul Dixit’s match.

– Modassir Mushtaque

This content has been reproduced from a Facebook post created by Modassir Mushtaque (School Vice Captain, Patel House Captain & School Cricket Captain, Session 2009-10) on June 24, 2017.


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