A man who taught us never to lose hope,
Not to worry much as life was full of scope,
His teachings were so perfect that we never mope,
His valuable tips for athletic made matters easy to lope.

His grip on the subject ‘English’ was flawless,
Who am I talking about, any guess,
He taught us History with out any mess,
He had knowledge of all sports be it cricket or chess.

The best thing we liked about him was he never gave up,
Ask him questions from any subject he always said yup,
His ways of explaining Literature with modern life were amazing linkup,
Writing portions which he taught are still blowup.

His classes were lively with mixture of teaching and humour,
He never developed any perception for anyone nor he believed in rumour,
While teaching my students his tips acts as armour,
Whenever I am struck on any topic in English he is my saviour.

Being a teacher, I try to copy and follow Mr Anupam Sir’s style of teaching,
‘Gentleman’ was his signature word for addressing,
With any doubt you would agree that he was Mr.Perfect,
His love, affection and dedication for students earn him lots of respect.

– Modassir Mushtaque

This poem was shared by Modassir Mushtaque (School Vice Captain, Patel House Captain & School Cricket Captain, Session 2009-10) on February 03, 2018.


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