In the mountains,
Amid the clouds,
Stands my Oak Grove,
Tall and proud.
With a legacy a century and quarter old,
Crown of the Queen mountain,
A heaven, truth be told.

Seeing those majestic walls,
As a child, I was utterly blown,
With clouds showering rains of joy,
It’s an idyllic little world in its own.
I instantly fell in love with the
Uniform of maroon and white,
It was the beginning of
A decade long romance,
It was love at first sight.

As I stood,
Looking at the building,
My heart rapidly throbbed,
I was staring at my first love,
My darling,
My Oak Grove.

– Vipul Kr. Rana (2020 Batch)

This poem was shared by Vipul Rana (Captain, OGBS) on his Instagram account on March 27, 2020. This is his first submission on Oakgrovians Young & Old.


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