Being a small kid I was crazy about cricket,
Not only playing matches but also watched on cricket set,
In Class IV in 2001 was made A Section Cricket Captain,
Went down to school valley to witness cricket match from pavilion.

I saw a player nicely padded came out to open the OG inning,
Someone just called out he is Zaidi Khan Sir a Cricket Captain who is always winning,
When will we return to school I was eagerly waiting,
Just to open ‘Oakgrovian’ and find Zaidi Khan Sir I came running.

I started searching for his name by going on different house sections,
Suddenly I found a page where his name mentions,
It was in Tagore House Group after lots of inspections,
To have his glimpse started looking from JS railing in every directions.

I too wanted to be OG School Cricket Captain like him,
And was preparing myself to face all sorts of prelim,
Wished to meet him and acquire from him all vim,
Meeting him and talking to him was really a big dream.

Finally there came a surprise when I was School Cricket Captain,
You would not have imagined where I was after meeting my Icon,
As he came to visit his alma mater with few companion,
I wasted no time in taking tips, guidance and suggestion.

I still remember his advice- Focus more on bowling department of your team,
I followed his tips strictly as I achieved my dream,
How special I felt after defeating Roshanara Club Delhi- a professional team,
The win came under my after a gap of six years and I achieved my dream.

To be honest I grew up admiring his cricketing skills,
Even though he left the school but talk of his batting and leading OG still thrills,
For me I still owe my success as OG Cricket Captain to Zaidi Khan Sir,
Indirectly It was him who gave me determination for all myrrh.

– Modassir Mushtaque

This piece was shared by Modassir Mushtaque (School Vice Captain, Patel House Captain & School Cricket Captain, Session 2009-10) over email on November 01, 2017.


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