We set foot in Senior Boys’ School with scary thought,
Waiting for the night to arrive when the tit-bits will be taught,
Have you ever gone through tit-bits it would see a naught,
But in reality it was all manners and etiquette which was sought.

We would curse our seniors as we went for fagging,
I sit back and realize that ‘Fagging’ made my OG Cricket Career in bowling,
Never did they do any work :Why were they so lazy in working,
It was actually ‘Elder Brothers’ were worried for our nurturing.

It was very difficult getting up early and fill the buckets,
A call from the senior and we responded like the rockets,
It was all efforts from our ‘Elder Brothers’ to make us as tough as nuggets,
We become successful in our lives was their covets.

During Sports Day or any events participants were given special treatment,
It was truly emotional and moving sight to see seniors relaxing junior athletes’ ligament,
Were they the cruel demons for whom we developed very bad perception,
I realized they weren’t demons but it was brotherly relation.

Serving the food to seniors first on the dining table,
Same thing we did at home and we were called responsible,
It was then I realized that seniors were not hungry for edible,
Our ‘Elder Brothers’ wanted us to make us completely sponsible.

Losing the matches would earn you ‘No Entry’ into dining hall,
What would the seniors get by giving us pain in our caul,
It was not about keeping us hungry but making us realize after every befall,
Our ‘Elder Brothers’ wanted us to justify OG Family’s call.

Once we had a fight with some outsiders when we were still juniors,
I remember how seniors ran towards us as saviours,
Without enquiry our ‘Elder Brothers’ sent a serious warning to the outsiders,
“Don’t you dare look upon or touch our younger brothers.”

Myself being a school teacher observes my students’ atmosphere,
Believe me I just feel lucky to be part of OG’s bio sphere,
I couldn’t find the kind of love, care and respect for each other in any sphere,
Because this is not the school but ‘Our Home’ which is found in stratosphere.

– Modassir Mushtaque

This content has been reproduced from a post created by Modassir Mushtaque (School Vice Captain, Patel House Captain & School Cricket Captain, Session 2009-10) on the Oak Grove School, Mussoorie Facebook Page on October 22, 2017.


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