Life is meaningless and purposeless If you never had buddies in the school,
I can’t recall the day when I met these TWO who were calm and cool.
One bumped into my life as JS Dorm partner another met at Boys School,
they were cricketers of next caliber- one followed Gilly and other was Mr.Cool.

Pranjal happened to be of another section and rivalry wasn’t for us,
sharing almost every secret and every problem we did discuss.
With few hits Shantanu proved that he was ready to board cricket team bus,
calling him by his nickname and annoying him never resulted in a fuss.

Pranjal was best in anchoring the innings and his strokes were a complete delight,
he was handy as a spinner and also donned the gloves when things were not right.
When Shantanu was on crease never dare to give the ball even a little flight,
he was best at hitting the ball out of park and sometimes it went out of our sight.

Pranjal always stood beside me during my bad phases and gave me a lot of support,
Whenever there were serious and genuine talks, I knew he would never try to distort,
There was a time when we had little misunderstanding and that was in Class Tenth,
I had good times with him and we enjoyed the most when we were in Class Eleventh.

Apart from being a classmate, Shantanu was my housemate too and we developed a strong bond,
If I was struck or caught in a dilemma he was always ready to come forward and respond,
Attending house meetings and planning strategies of our house for Inter House events,
Gave us chance to understand and know each other well and shape our friendship beyond.

I have earned lots of friends throughout my life but these two would always remain best,
I sincerely and humbly pray to God that he never ever put our friendships through any kind of test,
If you are thinking of creating differences and giving our friendships the unrest,
I would seriously advise that you have lost your state of mind and you need a complete rest.

– Modassir Mushtaque

This article was shared by Modassir Mushtaque (School Vice Captain, Patel House Captain & School Cricket Captain, Session 2009-10) on May 02, 2020.


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