Batch of 2020, OGGS

It is a poem which I have composed in my last few days in Oak Grove. This poem is dedicated to every Oakgrovian, especially my batch, the batch of 2010-20. Here it goes:

The late night talks
The long nature walks
The class bunking plans
And the fancy fair dance
Are the memories I’ll always cherish
And the ones that’ll never perish.

The crazy-stupid fights
And the pre-examination nights
The late rising on Sundays
And the boring working days
Are something close to my heart
And something which will never grow apart.

The children’s day treats
And the deadly examination sheets
Getting ready like 2 minute noodles
And the art class doodles
Are the things I’ll be leaving behind
But no matter what, they’ll forever be etched in my mind.

The treasured slam books
The farewell bidding looks
The tear smeared faces, the quivering lips
And the final exit slips
Mean all too well – a final goodbye
But not without saying – WE’LL BE FRIENDS UNTIL WE DIE

– Sonam (2020 Batch)

This poem was shared by Sonam Kashyap on June 05, 2018 via email. This is Sonam’s first submission to Oakgrovians Young & Old.


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