We are, we are the guys  of OG 2000-10 A Batch,
Burn your stamina and try to find our match,
Throughout our stay at Oak Grove we had a special badge,
Success was forced to find its way towards us as we  were not cadge.

How could we forget  Sayoni’s classical dance,
Still remember the blistering knock when Rahul took stance,
A girl named Aritry was always ready to help us in any circumstance,
When Bhardwaj was around, just wait for a bechance.

I salute Bhuppi’s simplicity and honesty,
Chandan was always known for his authority,
I wonder if Noorul’s ball did ever spin or we doubt pitch’s quality,
You must have learnt lesson if you ever had doubt on Abhishek Anand’s ability.

Rishu Raj was a dark-horse who would lazy around,
Hey guys! Have you forgotten Vishesh taking 25 round,
Jauhiri and Ritesh’ s friendship was so sound,
Some mischief was  going on in the class then Suman must be around.

Why was Smriti Suman always so calm,
Aman Singh was our Mr.Tom,
While Ankita Ojha was always aplomb,
Priyata was stubborn so her anger was always becalm .

Where is our topper Parul with beautiful smile at its peak,
Don’t mess with Rajkamal for a race as your dream of winning will be bleak,
Sutikhana was always a girl of pique,
Miss Kumari Neha was always a girl of freak.

Down the memory are fresh Ma’am Shankar’s  cute and welcoming smile,
Whispering at night after lights were put off was a big trial,
It was fun stealing Glucose from Girls’ desk and stay in vile,
Why to forget the cosco ball stolen by us was a wonderful piece of wile.

Those names are mentioned here are fresh in my memory,
Modassir is extremely sorry for missing any name not mentioned in his diary,
A Special Thanks to one guy named Prashant whom we called lovingly ‘Tally’,
Because I considered you a special friend, for me he is an emery.

Overall Modassir is  thankful to all of you for  being part of my life,
No matter we had so much arguments and fight which happened in rife,
But we still miss junior school’s fork and knife,
I pray to Almighty to keep every member of OG 2000-10 A Batch should live in harmony and not in strife

– Modassir Mushtaque

This content has been shared on email by Modassir Mushtaque (School Vice Captain, Patel House Captain & School Cricket Captain, Session 2009-10) and was originally penned on June 10, 2017.


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