• OG from SGC
    OG from SGC
  • OG from SGC: Full panorama
    OG from SGC: Full panorama
  • Oak Grove Boys School
    Oak Grove Boys School
  • Junior School, hospital and auditorium
    Junior School, hospital and auditorium
  • Oak Grove Girls School
    Oak Grove Girls School
  • Ganji Pahaadi, or meadows, as seen from SGC
    Ganji Pahaadi, or meadows, as seen from SGC
  • Facebook cover picture
    Facebook cover picture
  • A view with spots marked out
    A view with spots marked out

A day before Founders Day 2016, a bunch of us visited St. George’s College. Getting access was a breeze, with Winkie being a Manorite. Most of us were happy to relive our sporting memories at SGC, while some of us had more personal connections with the place. However, there was another vantage point the photographers on the trip were especially interested in —

The Swimming Pool at SGC offers a spectacular, unobstructed view of Oak Grove’s expanse. From Ganji Pahaadi (meadows) on the left, all the way to Girls School on the right extreme, this was a view we all intended to capture and share with Oakgrovians young and old. Cloudy weather and overcast skies notwithstanding, here was our opportunity to do so.

Well, after a bit of patience while taking pictures and then some more at post-production, here we are! Here’s presenting Oak Grove, from an unusual, lesser seen perspective. This album contains pictures ranging from an overview, to a panorama, to some close-up details and also the mandatory options for your own Facebook cover picture.

We hope you enjoy going through these. As always, you are implored to explore these visuals on a large screen desktop, to enjoy the details therein.

If you’re interested in a much higher resolution image of the panoramic view, please save your copy from the downloads section.

These photographs are from a trip to Oak Grove School in June 2016. These were posted by Puneet Monga (1991) on the OGS Mussoorie Facebook page.


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