What to write and what not to…
About the friends or the school at the hill top,
There are many memories to vibe,
But they can’t explain the OG life.. 
Others will say it is a school,
But I will say,
It is a heaven in the Himalayan roof…
Sitting behind the oak tree I wonder
Why I am leaving Oak Grove but never got the answer….
Here friends are like brothers and teachers are like parents…
Talking to clouds is a regular routine in itself,
Change in climate is like change in fashion..
Challenging risk is their passion,
Listening to Oak Grove you will think it is a mystery,
Talking to the students you will know its real history…
The walls will say something you will have to hear,
Glory is something you will find over there..
It is a world in itself you must know,
Happiness will come to your feet as you enter Oak Grove….
People will come and go by..
But Oak Grove will stand still waving their flag high….
Respect is something we learn over there…
Success walks hand in hand with us when we are here…
While leaving Oak Grove an ocean of tears will be there in my eyes,
Saying good bye to everything I loved in my life…
But remember my friend,
Byes are not forever,
Byes are not the end….
They simply mean we will miss you, until we meet again…..

– Koustav Das (2019 Batch)

This poem was shared by Koustav Das on The Oak Grovian Association-TOGA India Facebook group on Janurary 21, 2018.


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