If I ever write a story on my life, don’t get amazed if you find Oak Grove’s name a billion times…….because Oak Grove and Mussoorie have been a very important chapter in my book of life…..

I still remember “The Oak-Grove Show” held in Mussoorie at Community hall, in which 65 paintings of mine were displayed… They all were based on “Oak-Trees” and school surroundings and how they witnessed the seasons…… Still, my passion wasn’t over for Oak-Grove… And I thought of taking these Oak trees and Oak Grove to a national level in the field of art…

Then again, in 1995 at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, I had a show based on the same….. The story is still not over.. Again in the same year, M.P. Kala Parishad Art Gallery, Bhopal witnessed the same. People were awestruck, and they simply fell in love with these paintings of mine, which had a complete dose of “Oak Trees” and “Oak-Grove”

Whatever I am today, this institution has played a very huge role in my journey….. Even today also, the glimpses of Mussoorie and Oak Grove can be seen in my art work….. Still, nostalgia hits me hard when I think about the gone days…. I got the honour to serve this institution as an Art teacher for few years…. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had…… The highly educated and enlightened staff members, Energetic and talented students and the historic infrastructure made each day worth…..

– Faisal Mateen, art teacher, Oak Grove School (1990s)

This write-up was kindly shared by Faisal Mateen on email upon request.



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