• At the top of the stairs in Jharipani castle... our journey begins
  • Some bits of planning before it all starts
  • The Sinha siblings who all studied in OG
  • Some chit chat in Barlow Ganj
  • The army folks add glam quotient
  • Anything over a bun omelette or bun samosa
  • The familiar gate
  • In Ganji Pahaari
  • The youngsters of 96 batch come marching in..
  • The fond embrace tells it all
  • Evening sets in
  • Enjoying the dusk with batchmates
  • More colours
  • OGBS
  • Auditorium and tennis court
  • Another view
  • Enjoying the fireworks
  • Beautiful faces...
  • Night in Dehradoon
  • Meeting the 94 batch friends
  • Always relevant
  • Looking at the valley
  • Principal's office
  • With 93 batch friends
  • A beautiful family... daughter looks just like her dad used to in school
  • The 91 batch guys
  • All the way from Hong Kong for a jalebi
  • Nahi hoga bhai..
  • Familiar faces from Bangalore
  • Young friends from Bangalore
  • Dancing with the boys....
  • Now with the poor girls (who seem to be enjoying his dancing!)
  • Dashing guys
  • Very hospitable and warm people
  • The fellows from 94, my sister's batch
  • Finally got Mr Mallick in this frame
  • Ensemble of batches (mainly 91)
  • That was my 3rd ice cream
  • Class mates...
  • Billa is kebab mein haddi...
  • Thank you Tanwar sir for the grand work
  • These were my favourite seniors
  • Two gentlemen I love. Wish I have their passion for life!
  • Familiar people, sometimes on Facebook
  • PVR was a force to reckon...
  • Like old times...
  • Finishing with the Fancy fair
  • Aa ab laut chalein
  • Evening from Landour
  • Layers in the mountains
  • The winter line
  • He was a great host...
  • Waiting for the festivities to start
  • Letting him know our appreciation
  • A beautiful family
  • Patna ke sher hain yeh log...
  • The feeling shows...
  • A slimmer version of his boisterous self...
  • 2 larger than life figures
  • A family portrait
  • Always smiling...
  • Dashing figures, all from the NCR
  • Sunny ji...
  • At the end of the party, the happiness
  • Bollywood waits...
  • Looking Sunny...
  • Getting a hug from Vipin Sehgal
  • Getting ready to bat
  • Taking position
  • That's a great ground
  • That's a partnership...
  • That was almost a six 🙂
  • Nikhil is always a joy
  • Old friends
  • Hockey match in progress (it was a draw!)
  • Chalo laut chalein...
  • Junior school is always picture perfect
  • Through the oak leaves
  • Saying goodbye
  • The road home...
  • Goodbye, till we meet again..

School reunions can be boring affairs. A lot of people pretending to be what they are not, some old folks busy sharing their ‘success’ stories, a pinch of snootiness, a portion of make-believe, and long before it is over you wishing that you were someone else!

But that is never the case with Oak Grove reunions. OG never boasted to be the best in academics or education related success (although it has large luminous alumni who have made their mark on the world in every field imaginable). Oak Grove was always about the place and its culture, about the friends with whom we have shared some of the best years of our lives. It has vast expanses of woods overlooking green mountains and deep valleys. Every season here is different, and the dawns and dusks are more spectacular than one can imagine. It has secrets it keeps: from gushing waterfalls and streams to deodar-scented bugyals, from great playgrounds to secluded corners where even the most prosaic of souls can find poetic hearts.

But at the end a place must have people to match its spirit. Once again I was reminded why every year (or whenever possible) so many of us migrate from far-off places, countries, and continents, to meet again. In the outside world most actions have a commercial or selfish purpose; every act must have a planned outcome. Here, during the reunion I again reconnected with kindred souls who were happy to just be there, to have for a while the chance to spend in this loved, familiar place, among those we have counted as friends and siblings (sometimes lovers as well).

It was spectacularly organized. It made us relive our wonder years once again, even though for only a while.

Thank you OG. Thank you TOGA and the association folks. Thank you everyone who came, to those who remembered us, and those who were there to renew the life-long acquaintances once again. God bless you all. Thank you also to my batch-mates who made this especially memorable for me.

Here are some of the pictures from the reunion. This is not a documentary of the place or the event. It simply captures some sights and sounds of the lovely place and the lovelier people I met. These were some of the best returns I got from bunking office! Ever!

I have lots more which I shall send directly to you.

These photographs are from a trip to Oak Grove School in October 2017. These were posted by Diptesh Ghosh (1992) on Facebook on November 01, 2017.


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