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In which year did OG adapt its current emblem?

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Oak Grove adapted the lotus flower emblem in 1956

In 1917, while the first world war was on, the senior boys were divided in four houses. They were Kitchener, Wellington, Haig. Name the fourth.

Athletic carnival (OG Sports Day), 1946
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Kitchener, Wellington, Haig and Roberts were the four houses in 1917

Within 10 days of the opening of school, two students - Moore and Johnson - ran away. They were found in a train 200 kilometres away. Guess which city they were located in?

Oak Grove Boys School
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Moore and Johnson were found on a train in Meerut, about 200 KM from Dehradun

The Boys Scout movement started in England in 1907. Which year did it start in OG?

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OG formed its first Boys Scout Troop in 1914

Two days after this event happened, students were informed about it when they were listening to the Gramophone. What was this event?

Junior School pupils, 1946
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On September 3, 1939 the second world war began. Students came to learn of it two days later.

In which year did Oak Grove get a telephone connection?

OG Girls School Building
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OG got its own telephone line in 1904

How many students joined Oak Grove on the first day of June of 1888?

The day started out bright and sunny
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28 students joined OG in 1888 on the 1st of June.

Three houses of OGBS were named after Army generals who served in the first world war. The 4th, renowned for the Battle of Waterloo, had died much earlier. Name the house (Kitchener, Wellington, Haig, Roberts) which was named after this General.

Athletic carnival (OG Sports Day), 1946
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Wellington was the house in OGBS, named after Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington

What year did OG get its electric connection in?

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OG was "electrified" in 1921

The school was suspended for two days on March 21, 1890. What caused the suspension?

Junior School Main Facade
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The school was suspended because Influenza had affected all staff and many students.

Oak Grove Trivia Challenge 1
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