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This head of school committed suicide a day before his retirement. He had married Kathleen Rowley, the head nurse of the school in 1920. What was his name?

Prize day in valley, 1937
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H.P. Watts. He shot himself in 1946.

Who was the first Indian to be made the OGBS Captain?

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O.P. Tandon became Captain, Oak Grove Boys School in 1954.

OG’s architect is famous for also having built the East India Railway building and the New Market of Calcutta. Name the architect.

A trip to OG, that I call home
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Richard Roskell Bayne, OG’s architect, also built the Mayo Memorial hall in Allahabad and the Husainabad clock tower in Lucknow.

On July 6, 1947 David Nuttal’s name was recorded in OG history for the first act of its kind. What was it?

Oak Grove Boys School
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David Nuttal was the first boy to have been caught passing letters to Senior Girls School.

A very popular teacher of OG claimed his name was named after two big cities of India. Who was this teacher and which cities?

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Mr. B.N. Khanna, history teacher, hockey coach and chess aficionado, often claimed he was named after Bombay and Nagpur.

In 1932 Olympics Hockey, an Oak Grovian played from the left wing, supporting Major Dhyanchand who was the centre-forward. Who was this player?

Oak Grove School Hockey team, 1940
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Oak Grove has produced 4 Hockey Olympians and 8 Gold medals. 3 players, namely Eric Pinniger (Vice- Captain), Leslie C. Hammond and Richard J. Allen played in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. R.J. Carr played the in 1932 team alongside Major Dhyanchand.

Nutan and Dharmendra visited OG in 1965-66 while shooting for a film in Mussoorie. Name the film.

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Dulhan Ek Raat Ki (1967) was directed by D.D. Kashyap, and featured the hit song "Ek Haseen Shaam Ko Dil Mera Kho Gaya".

This Oak Grovian goalkeeper played three consecutive Olympics for India, and conceded only two goals in 10 matches. One of these goals was scored by USA, while he was "busy elsewhere". India won that match 24-1. Who was this player and what was he doing?

Oak Grove School Hockey team, 1941
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Richard Allen was the goalkeeper. He was busy signing autographs!

This future Prime Minister of India visited the school as the Railway Minister and was harrowed at seeing the meat consumption at school. Who?

Rajesh Bali, Subroto Rakshit, Sanjeev Meheta, Tandon,TS Ahluwalia
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Lal Bahadur Shastri had visited Oak Grove while he was serving as the Railway Minister.

The Oak Grove Association (UK) was formed towards the end of 1959 at the suggestion of Old Oak Grovian, Malcom Bedford. The first President of the association was a former Head Master. Name him.

Oak Grove Junior School
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G.F. Chunn Headed TOGA (UK) as its first President. He was the headmaster briefly in 1946.

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