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The girls record for Discus Throw has stood since 1968. Who is credited for that record?

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Y. Tocher holds the Discus Throw record for girls (29.7 metres) since 1968.

Before Mussoorie schools started buying their bread, many of them had their own bakeries. Where was OG’s bakery located?

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Oak Grove's bakery was located down the slope beyond the back pitch.

In 1932, an OG girl fell down the khud on her way to Rajpur. The rock near where she fell has been named after her. What is the name?

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Beryl Brewster left OG after her Senior Cambridge exam with the girls via the Rajpur road. Partway down the road some girls thought of having a last look of the Old School and waved to the Boys above. In that instant, she fell off the ledge down in the Khud and later passed away.

In what year did OG move from the ICSE board to CBSE board?

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Oak Grove shifted to CBSE board from ICSE in 1977. Two years earlier, in 1975, it had moved from ISC to ICSE.

Emily Alice, Gwyneth Helena, and Edith Dorothy were sisters who studied at OG. Edith was the mother of a famous writer. What is his name?

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Edith was Ruskin Bond's mother. Her brother Kenneth Clerke also studied at OG, and he is often remembered as Uncle Ken in Ruskin's stories.

A plant grows beside the famous stinging nettle shown here, and is also used to cure the sting of the stinging nettle. What is it called?

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Dock Leaves, or Junglee Paalak, usually grows besides the Bichhu Buti (stinging nettle) plants, and can be used as a cure from the pain of its sting.

From mid-80s to late 90s, this House took the Cock Shield for 14 consecutive years. Which one?

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Tagore House won the Cock Shield for 14 consecutive years.

Geoffrey Kendal owned a theatre group, that often visited hill schools including OG. His daughter Jennifer, who would later marry Shashi Kapoor, was part of this group. What was it called?

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Shakespeareana Theatre Company was the name of Geoffrey Kendal's theatre group.

In the first half of the 20th century, on some nights around 8 pm, lectures were held on diverse subjects – such as building, shipping or even novels. What were they called?

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These late-night lectures were called Lantern Lectures.

The engine of this train had the OG banner and crest mounted on a wooden framework, and it took OG-students home for vacations. What was the train popularly called?

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This train was popularly called Shaitan Gaddi. The journey would last about 2½ days and traverse in excess of 1000 miles picking up students at the various stations along the route Calcutta (Howrah) to Dehradun.

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