OG’s Dark Horse – Mr. K. Kumar Sir

The very first night of OGBS wasn’t as horrible as we heard. Lots of new rules to follow, lots of new words to hear. I had a sound sleep amidst all the confusion. But most of the things we heard were no less than rumours. What we had in our minds was to just respect seniors and ignore teachers, this was something we didn’t find the root from where it came. I remember the first morning prep of Boys School, Mr. K. Kumar was M.O.D. and he came to class to take attendance and to Sir’s surprise we didn’t even stand and wish. Mr. K. Kumar got very angry and punished us, at that point of time we might have felt bad but then we realised that this wasn’t fun but this was no less than misdemeanour. This is the sole reason why I deemed Mr. K. Kumar as ‘MY FIRST TEACHER OF BS’. Came the next encounter of Sir in our class when someone called out to him as ‘Mr. KK’ and again his anger was at Gun-Hill. He scolded us like a father and he made us understand that short forms are not to be used for formal addressing. He said his friends can only call him as ‘Mr. KK’ and we were supposed to call him ‘Mr. K. Kumar’ or ‘Mr. Krishna Kumar’.

After 12 years, when I was teaching my students one topic in grammar I could easily explain the ‘Uses of Short forms’ remembering the incident which happened in our school life. Well, we didn’t have much interactions with sir till we entered Class IX. And I could say without doubt that most entertaining class if we had then that was of Mr K Kumar. His scoldings weren’t hoax but something which was reality. Few lines which he always spoke and we used to laugh out madly were actually fatherly guidelines. Like, frogs of well aren’t aware of world outside the well and this I realised when I came out of OG. Here he didn’t mean that we were less talented as compared to outside world but he meant that you are safe and cared nicely in this well (OG) and outside world is full of obstacles and dangers.

My bond with him grew stronger when I joined back in Class XI. I scored just 58 marks in Class X Maths Paper and I wasn’t given the option to opt for PCM although my overall percentage was above 75%. I was in a dilemma whether to leave the school and go back to Patna and join coaching and take admission in any school. Finally I decided to go on with Commerce. Sir came to me and assured me if I wish to switch over to Science Stream, then I must do as he was ready to talk to Principal for me. Although I carried on with Commerce Stream. He was our class teacher and I was class monitor, so we had good tuning with each other. It was in the same year when I went into a sort of depression and Sir was the one who stood beside me and did my counselling. He always wanted me as POD in his MOD, this gave me confidence that yes I was transforming myself into a responsible person. Even after leaving OG I am in touch with him and he always guides me.

I always wished to see him as Headmaster and he really deserved that post. He became Headmaster but I wasn’t lucky to see it happen during my stay at OG. Today I got the news that he retired on February 1, 2018. A man who put up lots of hard work but never came in lime light just because he believed in refraction of knowledge and not focus on focal point of selfish attitude. I don’t know exactly how long his tenure lasted in OG but I am sure his teachings would last forever in every atom and molecule of OG. And for me he is surely OG’s Dark horse.

– Modassir Mushtaque

This piece was shared by Modassir Mushtaque (School Vice Captain, Patel House Captain & School Cricket Captain, Session 2009-10) on February 02, 2018.


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