• Mubaarik ji - the one under whose care many of us grew
  • Shakeel ji, the barber and the barbarian with the bell 🙂
  • Bachcha Singh, the one with the twirly moustache
  • Mehar Singh greets you with the same affection every time
  • Kalyan Singh, now the Head Cook at Girls School
  • Ramniwas Paswan ji works with the School Hospital
  • Khaleel, popularly called Udi Baba - a star of the Hockey field!
  • Madan, or Maddi, as we called him. One of the boys, till date
  • Rajan, a gentle, warm person from the kitchen staff in BS
  • Saheed Ahmad, or Chhuttu, is one among OG's Man Fridays
  • Shambhu - stockily built, a mean futta player in his days
  • Wahid, a Jhits boy, is the heart-throb of many a GS student
  • Jameel is with the JS kitchen, just like his brother Khaleel
  • A token of love - Maddi with Sunny Bakshi

Here’s a selection of portraits from the felicitation ceremony on October 29th, the third morning of the Reunion 2017.

These are mostly candid shots of people who’ve spent their lives doing love’s labour away from any limelight or acknowledgement. But in their hearts, love for OG flows stronger than any other – they hold a treasure trove of memories and OG history in them, and talk of times and people gone by with such ardent passion. You could not have lived your Oak Grove years without some of these faces filling up those days with all the love and nurturing care.

Three cheers to all of them!

These photographs were posted as an album on the OGS Mussoorie Facebook group on November 11, 2017.


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