Mr. P.K. Bagchi, Music Teacher, Oak Grove School (1967-2000)

The man had only two emotions,
He was happy when we were happy,
He was angry when we were not up to the mark;
His entire life swayed in these two extremes.
Man with passion of a crazy artist,
Unadulterated love for people like a possessive lover.
He would not take no for an answer if he believed otherwise,
Was unbiased in love and reprimand, to everyone, including his peers.
Music and cricket were his two weapons,
He could destroy you or win you over by both.
He was never a man of few words,
And yet, whenever he spoke, you better pay attention.
A boy of 15 or man of 50 in age,
If he was not in his happy extreme,
You better keep a very safe distance,
From this royal Bengal tiger,
Who could dance like a pro, on tunes that were made just for him.
His stern words were filled with such affection,
Some of us would purposely want him to shout at us!
And then all of us would laugh together, at our togetherness.
He knew we loved him, unconditionally.
Neither he changed his ways to live as only he could,
He never wanted us to change the way we saw him, in awe.
Some personalities are experienced only once in a life time,
A few among them stay to live in us, to bless us.
One life to be celebrated, forever.
One life never to be missed, ever.
Batch of 1996

– Kanishka Mallick (1996 Batch)

This tribute by Kanishka Mallick has been reproduced from his post on the Oak Grove School Mussoorie Facebook page, made on March 24, 2019. Mr. Bagchi passed away at 1:40 am in Lucknow on this day, after a brief illness.


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