The road that led from one home to the other,
Excited to meet old friends rather,
The journey seemed so beautiful and lively,
The birds and trees swaying and giving smiley.
The moment had arrived to welcome my friends,
Eagerly waiting like a child to relive the trend,
The laughter the gossips the sound of music
This is the life we long to live.

This is for the boys of 96 batch – Kanishka Mallick, Amit Chanchal Jha, Ajitesh Das, Hitesh Sethi, Nitin Mishra, Prashant Singh, Dev Kripa Roy, Sudip Bajpai, Praveen Roy.. I’m no expert in expression, but still a humble try.. to thank u all for a wonderful time –

I knew a few I didn’t know many,
They all greeted us with a smile so sunny,
The warmth the care they showered,
I knew a few i didn’t know many.
The jokes we shared the merry we made,
The leg we shaked to the music we gave
I felt i knew them long but it’s so funny
I knew a few I didn’t know many.

– Shilpi Hastir (1996 Batch)

These poems was shared by Shilpi Hastir as a Facebook post on November 07, 2017.


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