• Welcome to the 4th Worldwide OGS Reunion!
  • Oakgrovians Young & Old from all parts of the globe
  • Cheerful faces welcome us all to our Alma Mater
  • Meeting and greeting our loved ones
  • The Governor of Uttarakhand, Sh. K.K. Paul, Chief Guest.
  • National anthem at the start
  • Welcome note by Venkat Gandikota on behalf of TOGA
  • The traditional lamp lighting ceremony
  • All was in place for the cultural programme to commence
  • The happiness of meeting each other, celebrating together
  • And we commenced with the Saraswati Vandana
  • And we commenced with the Saraswati Vandana
  • Dressed in traditional attire, these girls were a pretty picture
  • Enthralled faces in the crowd
  • Mr. Bagchi enjoys the presentation intently
  • Brijesh Bhutani is all smiles at TOGA's efforts
  • Bal Krishan Tanwar, absorbed
  • The next to come on stage was the Kathak troupe
  • Resplendent, co-ordinated, soothing to watch
  • Resplendent, co-ordinated, soothing to watch
  • Familiar faces dotted the auditorium
  • Ms. Sangal, HMGS, engrossed in the performance
  • Mr. Shee, art teacher, enjoying the program
  • Susmita (Vice Captain OGGS) gets it all on camera!
  • The chief guest felicitates Col. S.C. Varma (1952 batch)
  • The proud father of Capt. Dilip Kumar Jha (Kirti Chakra), martyred in J&K
  • Commandant Pramod Kumar's award was collected on his family's behalf
  • Family members of the Varma brothers received their felicitation
  • Ms. Dhaundiyal was present at the occasion too
  • The Oakgrovians contingent from Australia
  • Mr. Bhatt and Mr. Bagchi, intently listening to the stories of valour
  • Speaking of bravery, here's another gritty girl 🙂
  • Book launch - Poems by Mr. Pandey, Principal, OG.
  • The chief guest, Governor K.K. Paul, addresses the gathering
  • The senior students at Oak Grove were recording it all
  • Rishu, Captain OGBS
  • Shiva, Captain OGGS
  • Mr. Anurag Tripathi, ex-principal, OG
  • Ex-Oakgrovians in the auditorium, enjoying the proceedings
  • The governor is offered mementos by TOGA officials
  • The governor is offered mementos by TOGA officials
  • A portrait - gifted on the school's behalf
  • Much enthusiasm in the auditorium 🙂
  • Old students all, happy in each other's company
  • A few of them came all the way from the USA
  • Reliving their OG days amongst the current students 🙂
  • The next presentation was a song by the senior girls
  • Smartly dressed in OG maroons, happily humming away
  • Smartly dressed in OG maroons, happily humming away
  • Nearly at the half-way mark of the ceremony
  • Happy being among a multitude of grateful students
  • Folk dancers took center-stage after the GS song
  • Graceful in their colourful attire
  • Happy faces in the crowd
  • The boys from the mid-80s
  • Next was a song based on a clean environment concept
  • Swachchh Bhaarat was the mission
  • Inculcating clean habits was the message
  • The boys from USA and Canada couldn't agree more
  • The boys from USA and Canada couldn't agree more
  • And then it was time for the OGBS kids' dance routine
  • The senior boys enthralled everyone with their moves
  • The loudest cheers went up in the audi with each moment
  • Girls from across the batches loved the BS dance 🙂
  • Girls from across the batches loved the BS dance 🙂
  • It was now time for the last presentation
  • A song penned by Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, our erstwhile PM
  • GS students formally brought down the curtains
  • 1992 batch received commemorative plaques in the end
  • Ex-Oakgrovians sang the School Song together, in voices clear and strong
  • Time to assemble at the view point for tea
  • Tea was followed by some fireworks in the tennis courts
  • The fireworks display, intently watched by OGBS kids
  • JS kids also enjoyed checking out the fireworks
  • The perfect time to indulge in some happy group pictures!
  • A few of us decided to have a ball!
  • While some of us preferred to go take a round of JS
  • Antics was the way to go in JS classrooms
  • Reliving our memories 🙂
  • We posed together with batchmates and life mates
  • Some of us met and spoke with hallowed seniors
  • And some paid obeisance to our gurus
  • And then, it was time for dinner!
  • Service hall came alive with the sounds of chit-chat
  • On the menu was our favourite OG meal - Poori Day!
  • We hogged to our heart's content 🙂
  • Sated, we departed from JS, to end ReU2017's first day

October 27 was the first day of the 4th Worldwide Oak Grove School Reunion, 2017.

Old Oakgrovians from all over the world, teachers, students and staff – the whole OG fraternity got together at Oak Grove to create some heart-warming memories over the next three days.

This album is the first of a three-part series, documenting a pictorial recollection of the official events of the first day of ReU2017, from the formal inauguration of the reunion in the evening to the sumptuous dinner in Junior School. We hope these pictures will serve as a nostalgic refresher for all who attended the Reunion, and as an insight into the events for those who could not make it to school this time.

Similar albums will shortly follow with details of Day 2 and 3. Thank you for your patience 🙂

These photographs were posted on the OGS Mussoorie Facebook group on November 02, 2017. Picture courtesy: Nikhil KumarShitanshu Kumar SharadAnurag Sinha and Agnom Teenup


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