• The valley was the cynosure of all activities once again
  • Cricket - a mention and memories come flooding back
  • A mid-overs break is always the best time to catch up
  • Applauding people who have spent their lives shaping us
  • OG’s Class IV staff was felicitated for its tireless service
  • Everyone received a blanket as a token of appreciation
  • These people are an indelible part of our OG memories
  • These are the generous souls who’ve given us their all
  • Some of these are faces we’ve grown up with in OG
  • All the recipients then grouped up for a photo-op
  • Students and school staff echoed their gratitude
  • JS makes its way back to a meal at school
  • The Old Oaks at the crease were raring to go again
  • Sanjeev played a few good strokes after the break…
  • …but was soon dismissed by Mr. Pandey, Principal, OG.
  • Rajesh Rastogi was next in to take a fresh guard
  • He started reassuringly with a few clean strokes
  • Rupinder Singh, at the other end, was steady as always
  • Spectators spread far and wide across vantage points
  • In the pavilion, senior spectators were being quizzed
  • More and more spectators landed up at the valley
  • There was a sense of pleasure about the Old Oaks game
  • These guys have a definite career in sports broadcasting!
  • Speaking of broadcasting, here’s our own cameraman
  • Meanwhile, Shubham bowls some nice deliveries
  • Rupinder’s blade flashes again!
  • Mid-field consultations, bowling changes, field placements...
  • Ladies join in the cheering contingent
  • Nikhil offers a taste of spin…
  • Rajesh Rastogi made his way back, following Rupinder
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar enjoying the proceedings
  • Mr. Anupam Singh discharges duties as an umpire
  • Sartaj Ahmed cuts for a couple of runs
  • Spirited bowling effort by the Principal
  • The strokes kept coming off the blades for the old boys
  • Mr. Shee sent down some good overs of controlled spin
  • A play and a miss - some sharp bowling and fielding
  • Innings break - the Old Oaks notched up a score of 144
  • Back in the pavilion for the mid-innings break
  • Sunny sir enjoys a moment on the sidelines
  • And soon enough, it was time to take the field
  • Sartaj spearheaded the bowling effort
  • The opening batsmen were defensive and careful
  • All padded up, ready to go!
  • And then it was Abhishek’s turn to take up the ball
  • There it was! A wicket off Abhishek’s bowling!
  • Celebrations galore in the Old Oakgrovians’ camp
  • The Principal walks in to take guard
  • He didn’t last long! Abhishek rattles the stumps!
  • Two wickets in quick time - he was on a roll!
  • The members of the OG team seemed a bit worried
  • The hope and euphoria in the Old Oaks was on a high
  • The batsmen were taking their time, careful after loss of wickets
  • Abhishek continues to send down some spirited, fiery stuff
  • And he scalps another one down! Three to his name!
  • Pramod takes guard for the OG team and changes the story
  • Avijit Ghosh bowls, taking time to find his line and length
  • Nikhil plays straight, curbing his instincts
  • Rajesh Rastogi rolls his arm over to try dislodge the batsmen
  • Pramod goes on a rampage, going hell for leather
  • JS kids were cheering for Pramod loud and clear
  • Pramod is finally dismissed, caught at long off on 50+
  • We trudged up to BS to catch another match in the back pitch
  • A Hockey match between the Old Oaks and OG staff
  • What joy to see a game in the back pitch again!
  • Uttar Billa leads the Old Oaks’ effort commendably
  • The action heats up at the Old Oaks’ D
  • The match was a closely fought one
  • Relishing the present, breathing in the past again 🙂
  • Spectators from JS egged on the players from the viewing gallery
  • The OG staff team gets a penalty corner, trailing 1-2
  • OG staff team equalised to close the match at 2-2
  • Pramod gives Imran a hug at the end
  • Well played, Old Oaks! You guys were awesome!
  • Before we dispersed, a picture to mark the occasion
  • One last group picture at the back-pitch before leaving
  • But we obviously weren’t done with group pictures just yet!
  • Anoopa ma’am was our gracious host once more 🙂
  • We spent some precious moments at The Prasad’s
  • Lots of love and hugs between Oakgrovians, as always
  • Yes, lots of love and hugs 🙂
  • And we finally made it to The Tavern for an evening of fun!
  • The girls were all ready to have a great time!
  • It was just like yesterday all over again!
  • And this time, the boys could legally go to the bar 🙂
  • All smiles, happy souls!
  • It was an evening full of love!
  • Spending time with the loveliest people 🙂
  • And predictably, it was soon time to dance and party!
  • Some made it an intimate moment to dance together
  • Others were happy making a boisterous time of it
  • Time for the incomparable compare to take the mic 🙂
  • Fozia takes over with an impromptu Shaayari session
  • Enthusiastic poets, or lovers of poetry, join in
  • We were all ears, captivated
  • Till someone pointed out it was time to call it a day 🙂
  • We closed our Reunion with a customary group picture
  • Till we meet again, Oakgrovians! Thank you for your time!

The 4th Worldwide Oak Grove School Reunion came to an official close on its third day, October 29, 2017.

In essence, let us just call it the Alt-Sports Day 

The first event on the day’s calendar was a cricket match between Old Oakgrovians and current students. Between overs, a heart-warming felicitation ceremony was organised to recognise and celebrate the members of Class IV staff of all three schools. After that short break, it was back to bat and ball till it was close to lunch time.

At the other end, there was a Hockey match in progress between the old boys and OG staff in the back pitch, while lunch was being taken in the Junior School service hall. Sadly, this album has no pictures of the lunch, although we can tell you that it was Kadhi day menu with the addition of fruit cream to savour.

Officially, these were the only events to report for the day, but this album also includes the informal get-together at Anoopa Prasad’s (1970) residence in the evening, followed by a lovely dinner together with a bunch of Old Oaks at The Tavern.

This album is the last of a three-part series, documenting a pictorial recollection of the events of the third day of ReU2017. We hope these pictures will serve as a nostalgic refresher for all who attended the Reunion, and as an insight into the events for those who could not make it to school this time.

We hope you enjoyed going through these pictures and reminiscing in your Oak Grove memories. Any omissions are duly regretted. Thank you for your patience 

These photographs were posted on the OGS Mussoorie Facebook group on November 06, 2017. Picture courtesy: Nikhil KumarShitanshu Kumar SharadAnurag Sinha and Agnom Teenup


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