• An overnight journey gives you such a bliss. It was 6:30 am and we were there (Batch of 2008)
  • An early morning sneak peek with the peak of Bandarpunch
  • During our stay we didn't miss our breakfast at Barlowganj
  • Mr. Shee (Art Teacher) - A wonderful soul and human being.
  • I didn't study in JS. But I do enjoy the stories of JS.
  • The wait is not over yet. We tried to cheer them up for a while.
  • They do wait for us to come back and share a few moments with them.
  • A bunch of seniors who ragged me and then asked me to click pictures
  • On day one we had an official gathering in the auditorium
  • Happy and joyful faces
  • Picture Moment: (L-R) Kriti and Surabhi (08), Richa Tomar(97)
  • Picture moment with seniors: (L-R) Vasundhara(06), Geetika, Kriti and Surabhi(08)
  • Picture moment: With BS students
  • I have seen Jim Carrey doing this - Appreciating yourself!
  • Why to "miss" a moment when you have Mrs. and Miss around?
  • To have the best of both the worlds
  • Yes, we were jailed. And I paid them for it.
  • We did have a laughing show stopper
  • Hoopla winners. Batch of 2005 just looted Mr. Das!
  • We all have a bare-all-molars smile.
  • (L-R) Neha(05), Surabhi, Kriti(08)
  • After Fancy Fair we moved to Brentwood. The dinner party was organised by TOGA.
  • Picture Moment: (L-R) PVR Varma, Kanishka Mallick, Sudip Bajpai
  • Ashok Bagariya(91) in his 'Bachana aie Haseeno' avtaar
  • Keep on dancing!
  • Yet more dancing!
  • Bonding and bonhomie!
  • The next morning, we took a trip back to school
  • We also went to Jhits fall
  • The moment we reached Ganji Pahadi, "hunters" were waiting for us
  • Before they could shoot these beautiful ones, I hunted them
  • Portrait Moments at Ganji Pahaadi
  • Teaching-Preaching-Photography
  • Beauties in the Woods
  • The woods are lovely, dark and deep
  • The panoramic vista from Ganji Pahaadi
  • Evening tea at the Principal's residence
  • In the meantime he regaled and entertained us all.
  • Moments from the Tea party
  • I missed the Reunion 2013 group photograph for this moment
  • Dinner in JS. Batch of 2005 and 2008.
  • And then a Kid was caught playing
  • Firecrackers lit up the sky at the closing of Reunion 2013
  • We'll be back soon with the same zeal and love - We are Oak Grove's Children true!

These photographs are from the collection of Shitanshu Kumar Sharad (2008). These were shared by him on the OGS Mussoorie Facebook group on November 13, 2013. Some of these were also featured in the 100% Unofficial Reunion 2013 Picturebook.


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