• अपराजिता (Invincible) - Concept, as expressed by the artist: रात्रि की निंदिया चुरा कर स्वप्न अपने गढ़ रही हूँ हौंसले की उड़ान भर कर सोपान स्वर्णिम कर रही हूँ
  • A smiling countenance, brimming with confidence, charting the course to her destiny, empowering herself with knowledge in this lap of nature.
  • Installed on the triangular garden patch at the entrance to OGGS, Aparajita stands, optimistic and positive, under the shade of the Oaks and Pines.

This year (2018) on Founders Day, three sculptural masterpieces were unveiled at Oak Grove. Envisaged and created by Mr. Ranajit Shee, our much loved art teacher, along with his colleague Anmoy Dolai, these larger-than-life figures are artistic interpretations of the way of life at Oak Grove, beautifully brought to life.

Titled अपराजिता (Invincible), उल्लास (Joy of Victory) and बचपन (Childhood), these works of art have been created in fibre glass – conceived and created entirely within school premises. These sculptures took over two months to make, with Mr. Shee and Anmoy working on them tirelessly.

In case you’re unable to visit school to see these works in person, here’s a small selection of pictures that should help 🙂

These photographs are from a trip to Oak Grove School in June 2018. These were posted on the Oak Grove School, Mussoorie Facebook group on June 13, 2018.


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