Some songs can bring back so many memories…

Today, I happened to listen to some songs that we girls back in Oak Grove Girls School used to drool over – and there I was… my mind back to school, with my people, in my forever happy place OAK GROVE…

There were some songs for which we used to run to the common hall and start dancing..
There were songs, when we just sat there in the common hall and dreamt (fantasised)..
There were some songs, when we used to just pull some of our friends and start a mini salsa (ball dance) or whatever you call it..

Those were the days..
Those were the days…..

I remember getting a small handy radio before bringing my iPod to school. Every night, I used to shift to my best friend’s bed, just because her bed was beside the window and that was the only place my radio set caught some network. We both used to listen to all old and new songs until the network used to turn really weak.

Whenever there were some favourite songs coming over TV, that sprint from the washroom area or cupboard room was worth the run just to watch our favourite song playing..

Those nights, when I never slept just to charge my iPod so that I can hear my favourite songs whenever I want, were worth taking the risk and staying awake. Yes, I never kept awake to write letters across the valley, or could never feel what it was like to receive one. But trust me, my best friend and I, we did listen to songs at the oddest hours of the day, and that gave us more joy.

– Debarati Chakraborty (2014 Batch)

This content has been reproduced from a Facebook post by Debarati Chakraborty on April 24, 2018.


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