For the batch of 2018 who recently stepped out to join us as ex-Oakgrovians, all the future batches that will join us & every ex-OG (and thank you for the video Kunal Parivesh Thakur & batch) 🙂

Some farewells never are over,
Some final greetings never leave you.
They stay with you, you carry them along.
Or leave a bit of you behind these conversations.
Finally, the day had arrived for us;
It was time to say goodbye to everyone.
We walked together for a while,
And suddenly falling back from the pack,
Ran to regroup as a unit.
We shouted out to friends,
And whispered to dear ones,
We hugged each and every person,
Promising to keep this bond alive.
We filled scrapbooks with bright remarks,
And penned the most forthright comments,
Sharing addresses and numbers to stay in touch,
And leaving blank spots to finally put a smiley;
Till it was time to take that ultimate walk.
Picking up the luggage and stride out alone,
Taking a step out on the long walk,
I turned one last time for that one last look,
Only to see my own young self,
When I walked in here the first time.
Standing silently, waving at me, but smiling
As if I was telling myself,
You will be back soon, very soon.
From Batch of 1996

– Kanishka Mallick

This poem was shared by Kanishka Mallick on the Oak Grove School, Mussoorie Facebook page on April 03, 2018.


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