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In 1982-83, OG sponsored a night show of Amitabh Bachchan's DON in Picture Palace, Mussoorie. Why did that happen?

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OG won the Volleyball tournament in the 1982-83 season for both Intermediate (against SGC in the lower pitch) and Senior (against Woodstock in Woodstock) Divisions. On the way back from Woodstock, OG sponsored a show of DON in Picture Palace.

When did Mr. P.K. Bagchi join Oak Grove School?

Dehradun Railway Station
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Mr. P.K. Bagchi joined Oak Grove School in 1967.

This Oak Grove Principal was an ace marksman, and many a story of his 'Shikaars' is part of OG folklore.

Principal's residence
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Mr. R.K. Kichlu was an ace marksman, and an avid shikaari. His exploits, including shooting down leopards in the mid 1970s, are still talked about by old timers.

How much distance would you have run if you took one round of the Valley tracks on a Sports Day?

Beating the competition
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One round of the valley was about 300 mts. in measurement.

Late Y.C. Deveshwar's (ITC Chairman) sister served OG as a Head Mistress. Name her?

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Mrs. S.B. Bhaskar (H.M.J.S) was Late Y.C. Deveshwar's sister. She passed away on June 30th, 2015.

In 1981, a boarder ran away from OGBS, and actually safely managed to reach all the way home. Who was he?

Boys School Gate
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Pravin Vidyarthi ran away from OG in 1981 and reached home safely, unlike a few others who would get apprehended in Dehradun etc.

In which year was admission to Class I and Class II abolished in Junior School?

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Oak Grove stopped accepting students to Classes I-II from 1976. As a result, the batch of 1986 became junior-most in school once again in their Class III.

During the 80s, on Gandhi Jayanti, Boys School would sing 'Ekla Chalo Re' and GS would sing 'Lead Kindly Light'. What would Junior School sing?

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Junior School boys would sing 'Hari Tum Haro Jan Ki Peed'.

This is a photograph of Mr. Meston giving Mr. Kukreti a hug on completing a Mile Race successfully. When were 800m and mile races organised in OG?

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800m and mile races were organised on every Gandhi Jayanti (October 2) in the 1970s and 1980s.

Which batch stayed in the same classroom from Class VI - Class X in Oak Grove Boys School?

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The 1986 batch stayed in the same classroom from Class VI - Class X in Oak Grove Boys School, because no other room could accommodate 60 boys.

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