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Who penned Oak Grove's original school song?

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Mr. Herbert Paris Watts, Oak Grove's longest serving Principal, wrote our school song.

What were the junior boys called by the seniors in OGBS?

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Yes, you heard that right! Chick it is. Also called Junti in the recent years.

Who won the Trio Trophy (Most Popular Boy) in the year 2009?

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Pranjal Prateik was the winner of the Trio Trophy in 2009.

In which year were a few guys from OGBS caught at night, hanging on the girls dormitory window, by Ms. Farzana, OGGS warden?

View from OGGS Flat
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A few boys from Class 10 and 11 were apprehended by Ms. Farzana in 2012.

Which batch represented OGGS at Milestone (Inter school competition hosted by SGC) for a dance competition in the year 2012?

Milestone Website
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2014 batch represented OGGS in Milestone 2012 hosted by St. George's College. The girls were in Class X at the time.

Which OGGS House sings 'Wo sikandar hi doston, kehlata hai; Haari baazi ko jeetna jise aata hai' as their house song?

We took our place around our favourite spots
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Mirabai house. And this continues to be.

What was the name of the special night at OGGS, where girls could party, eat, have a fashion show and dance competition without any interference of teachers?

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Own night. A lot of girls used to wait for that particular night with more excitement than even fancy fair.

Both OGGS and OGBS students of class IX and X took this class with lots of enthusiasm and dedication, and remained excited about it the entire week. What subject it is?

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Biology practical classes were eagerly looked forward to. Girls and boys got to exchange glances from a distance.

What was the name of the Book fair that took place every year in Oak Grove School?

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Scholastic Book Fair was held regularly at OG.

The school song is an Indianised version of the original, which had phrases dedicate to God and King. Which of these lines were different earlier?

The day started out bright and sunny
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Though far from Britain’s shore, We’re British children true; We’ll serve our God whom we adore, Our king and empire too. This land wherein we live, Fair gem of empire’s crown; Claims earnest work which we can give, Regardless of renown.

The Debarati Challenge
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O baba, I am so tired of your bad performance, I don't know what to tell you only. It is better to just close my eyes and think about Durjoy and Vicky Kaushal instead! Go now, don't disturb.
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O baba, totally heart touching performance this was! So much knowledge about our times, I feel so proud like a mother today! Matlab, almost as good as Durjoy and Vicky, I tell you!

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