Jayashree, as most of what you wrote about is about “my” era, I can really empathise. As I’m fond of repeating every few months, I’m personally deeply in debt to the originator(s) of the WWW. They put me in touch with my alma mater in a manner I had never even dreamed of. You know – before the net came in, before we started looking around AND finding our long lost friends and peers – it was a different world altogether. One could only dream ; the only possibility used to be either word of mouth – mainly by chance – or thru an actual trip to OG.

Since we were there in the same period, nearly everything you write applies to us in the BS too except that as boys we would be naughtier and naturally have more pranks to recall.

For instance, one incident that always comes to mind when people relate “Orchard raids” was the “The Great Kitchen Raid” – ’69 or ’70, most prob the latter. I’m usually grey about those two years because they went in a whiz & I really enjoyed each moment of that period ! I’m sure I’ve related this earlier.

The Great Kitchen Raid as we called it came about on a day when the dinner had been exceptionally bad and we were all hungry ; so we decided around midnight to raid the ‘larder’.
One guy got in thru the main entry via the ventilator above the huge door near the boiler and opened the Dining Hall door from inside ; we all trooped in – about a dozen of us. The almirah which had milk was locked so one guy made a long straw with a sheet of paper and…. The biggest feat was the haul of a few dozen cans of condensed milk and a few KGs of dry fruit!

These lasted just a couple of nights so for the next 3-4 days there were quite a few cases of upset stomachs & queues in the toilet. The funny part was that the staff refused to admit openly that something like that had happened – so it remained a secret for the entire time! I remember some of the Milkmaid tins were hidden in a small in-growth down to the poolside.

– Rajiv Kapoor (1970 Batch)

This article is a work by Rajiv Kapoor. This content has been reproduced from a blog posted by Raveesh Gupta on June 19, 2009. Here is the link to the original post.


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