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In which year were efforts made to set up an electric tramway between Rajpur and Mussoorie, with a stop at Jharipani?

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In 1921, plans were made to setup an electric tramway was between Rajpur and Mussoorie, but abandoned after initial forays.

When did Oak Grove first get an officer of the Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS) as its Principal?

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Sunil Mishra, IPRS, was the first officer appointed as Principal, Oak Grove School in 1990.

During the early days, Garhwali Hindus working at OG were inhabitants of Jharipani. Which city were most of the Muslim workers brought by the British from?

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During Oak Grove's initial days, the British taught and studied in school, while Hindus and Muslims performed Non-Teaching jobs. Most Muslims were brought in from Shahjahanpur.

Dalai Lama was exiled and brought to Mussoorie. Classes were cancelled and the students were sent to Kolukhet to welcome him. Which year was this?

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Dalai Lama reached Mussoorie after being exiled from Tibet on April 20, 1959.

During the morning assembly in Boys School, one of the Head Masters often referred to Oak Grove as Mini-India. Name him.

Staff residences at OG Boys School
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Mr. K.C. Kukreti would often refer to Oak Grove as Mini India, a conglomeration of a heterogenous cross-section of the society.

In which year was the MOD Book introduced?

Stationery, Oak Grove
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The Master On Duty book was introduced in 1918.

Who wrote our School Song?

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H.P. Watts, Principal OGS, wrote the original School Song, which was later modified to remove some colonial references.

Who was the first recipient of Forces Trophy (Most disciplined boy) and Trio Trophy (Most popular boy)?

Individual awards for BS athletes
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Forces Trophy (Most disciplined boy) and Trio Trophy (Most popular boy) were awards started in year 2000. Vikram Kumar is only recipient of the both awards.

Who was the longest serving Principal of Oak Grove School?

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Mr Herbert Paris Watts served Oak Grove as its head for 28 Years.

In which year did the Jharipani-Mussoorie Bus Service become operational?

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The Jharipani-Mussoorie Bus Service first became operational in 1954.

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