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The first school building, i.e. OGBS was built under the supervision of which engineer?

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Mr. W. Drysdale supervised the construction of OGBS.

During whose tenure did the School Crest and School Song change to their contemporary forms?

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The School Crest and Song were revised to their contemporary forms in the Principalship of Mr. Pasricha.

In which year was the School Auditorium inaugurated?

Oak Grove School Auditorium
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The School Auditorium was inaugurated in OG's Centenary Year, 1988.

Who was the first Principal of Oak Grove?

Prize day in valley, 1937
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Herbert Paris Watts was OG's first Principal. He was earlier called the Head Master.

When was the first Fancy Fair held in the school valley?

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The first Fancy Fair in the school valley was held in 1920.

In which year was The Cock Shield, awarded annually to the Best House, started at OG?

Trophies for athletics, 1946
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The Cock Shield was instituted in 1928 at Oak Grove.

When did Oak Grove switch over from Senior Cambridge exam to ISC Curriculum?

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OG switched from Senior Cambridge to ISC curriculum in 1951.

What is the source of the water supply to OG?

Of cool and blissful streams and brooks
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Mossy Falls (near Barlowganj) is the primary source of OG's water supply.

In which year was Urdu started as a second language in Oak Grove?

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Urdu became a compulsory second language in OG in 1891.

When did Oak Grove switch over from ISC Curriculum to ICSE Board?

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Oak Grove switched from ISC curriculum to ICSE Board in 1975.

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