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For a long time, OG photographs were taken by Mr Bhanu. What was the name of his studio that was once a Mussoorie landmark?

Mayank Austen Soofi
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Mr. Bhanu's Roop Kala Studio (board blurred in picture), located on the ground floor under the Library, was a Mussoorie landmark.

What were the names of the three original Girls School Houses?

We took our place around our favourite spots
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York, Gloucester and Kent were the three houses in Senior Girls School.

The year 1988 was not only significant for OG's centenary, but also for one of the following reasons. Do you know which one?

NCC Troop inspection, Founders Day, 1988 Arindam Burman
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OG was Inter School Hockey Champion in all divisions in the season preceding the Centennial Founders Day.

In 1907, two boys named Millard & Barnett were withdrawn from the school by their parents. What was the cause?

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Millard & Barnett were withdrawn because their parents felt there wasn't enough water to drink in the school.

In the early days of Oak Grove, a Matron was in charge of the Senior Girls dormitory. Who was in charge of the Senior Boys dormitory?

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A Dormitory Sergeant was in charge of the Senior Boys dormitory in the initial years of Oak Grove.

In the Annual Athletics meet of 2002, three houses together won the Cock Shield. Which three were these?

Cock Shield goes to Shivaji House!
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Ashoka, Shivaji & Tagore houses won the Cock Shield in a three way tie in 2002.

The entire honour board for the year 1980, is full of one name – S Jaggi. Can you guess the first name?

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Sandeep Jaggi holds the unique record of having his name featured across the breadth of the entire Honour Board. He also won The Spirit Of Oak Grove, an award that used to be very hard to come by.

Two siblings have separately served as Heads of Schools at OG. Who were these?

Boys School Gate
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Mr. D.P. Shukla served as HMBS in the early 1990s. His brother, Mr. Anand Shukla, retired as HMJS in 2020.

In 2004, Oak Grove Boys School got its first Headmistress. Who?

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Ms. V. Juyal became the first woman head of Oak Grove Boys School in 2004.

House-wise layout of the BS dormitory was changed to a class-wise layout after complaints of ragging by senior boys. When did this happen?

OG Boys School Dormitory
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After complaints in 2003, a wall was erected in the middle of the dormitory. The Ashoka-Patel dorm became the 6th-8th dorm, and Shivaji-Tagore dorm became the 9th-12th dorm.

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