November 26, 2006 Mr. Brayley's Journal: Chapter 2 Oak Grove Junior School (1932-1933) From the start of 1932, preparations began for my going to boarding school at Oak Grove Junior School. Oak Grove was owned and administered by the East Indian Railway (E.I.R) and admitted pupils whose parents were on the E.I.R as well as those, far fewer in number, on the North Western... Continue Reading November 26, 2006 Mr. Brayley's Journal: Chapter 3 Oak Grove Boys’ School (1934-1940) Although 1934 meant a new start in Boys' School, the onset of March found me with a heavy heart at the prospect of leaving home again for nine unrelieved months of school. Approaching the school by the road that wound its way up from Rajpur, it became evident that Boys' school,... Continue Reading March 8, 2015 The Life Story of Bon Ross: Part 3 Oak Grove School This school was owned and operated by the East Indian Railway. The locality was called Jharipani - meaning cold water. It was situated up in the Himalayas just below Mussoorie at about 4500 feet above sea level. This arrangement made it more comfortable for students to study in the near temperate climate as... Continue Reading June 13, 2009 Carolyn Martin's Account I was not in Oak Grove for very long - however, my short time with the school was one of extreme happiness and has always remained a very important few years in my life. It was the early 1960's when my mother enrolled my two brothers and myself in Oak Grove School, Jharipani. We were... Continue Reading June 13, 2009 Olympians from Oak Grove School Indian hockey owes much of its success during its formative years to schools of Mussoorie, which have nurtured as much as 10 Olympic hockey gold medal winners between 1928 and 1936. The dominance of players from Mussoorie during this period can be gauged from the fact that the 1928 team had six, 1932 team five and... Continue Reading April 13, 2012 A Mighty Oak: Sheila Cameron A Tribute to Patrick John Lear Corbett (1938-2011) On 8 March 1938 in the growing dusty railway colony of Moradabad, UP, amid red brick homes, a railway institute, churchyard and bustling bazaars, a bonnie baby boy was born to young Denis and Charlotte Corbett.  They named him Patrick John Lear and prayed this little acorn would... Continue Reading Paul McGinlay September 3, 2012 Olga's Story (1929-1935): Paul McGinlay My mother, Olga Vallint was born in Mogulsarai in 1920. Her father Alan was a yard supervisor with East India Railway and her mother Ida (Morrison) worked in the ticket office at Howrah station. Alan was regularly moved to different depots around the Calcutta area and decided that the children's education was suffering as a... Continue Reading Holly's mother September 12, 2017 Unhappy Endings: Peter Moss My only link with Oak Grove was the fact that, back in the 1920s, my mother and her four siblings had all been educated there. I admitted as much when I presented myself at the gates to this ancient but prestigious school in 1979, some 91 years after its establishment in 1988. To my... Continue Reading October 15, 2017 Ma'am Bhaskar: Nikhil Kumar It was after twenty years, in the year Big Ma’am passed away, that I started eating eggs again. My relationship with eggs had ended soon after I joined Oak Grove (OG) in 1995. On the first day at OG many of us were ushered inside Class 3B, which, as I found later, would be the... Continue Reading Patrick Corbett's first trip back to Mussoorie in 1983, after he left OG in 1954. March 8, 2012 Oak Grove: Pat Corbett The gauntlet was a strong leather glove worn by the Knights of King Richard & the Knights of Europe. To throw down the gauntlet was to issue a challenge to your opponent. Running the gauntlet was born & encouraged in the British  public school system as far back as the 18th century. It is the... Continue Reading May 17, 2013 The ABC Of OG: Diptesh Ghosh A: Arrival: For the start of the new season, we would arrive just before the monsoons, from the burning plains like refugees from a humanitarian crisis. The new-comers would have absolutely no idea what they were up against, and the old-timers would be eager to get back to their ‘familiar ways’. Assembly: The ubiquitous assembly point. For... Continue Reading October 3, 2016 Olympic Hockey Champions from Mussoorie Mussoorie schools – the breeding ground of Olympic hockey champions Indian hockey owes much of its success during its formative years to schools of Mussoorie, which have nurtured as much as 10 Olympic hockey gold medal winners between 1928 and 1936. In the recently concluded Olympics at Rio we barely managed to get 2 medals while our... Continue Reading June 3, 2018 On The Jap Cake Trail: Nikhil Kumar Bustan Bakery on Turner Road, Clement Town On 1, Turner Road in Dehradun, there is a bakery. It is called Bustan. Sadi, a thirteenth century poet of Shiraz, wrote a book of verses on the lines of Aesop's Fables, with the same name. In literal Persian, Bustan means a place of smell,... Continue Reading June 11, 2018 My Story Of Oak Grove Days: Gaurav Mathur A puny six year kid being packed to school without consent Was the beginning of life’s best years that I in school had spent It wasn’t simply first sight love, for this I must confess But ten years later, studies done, I knew this place was best Today it’s sixty years since I joined my alma mater Nothing comes afore... Continue Reading November 27, 2006 Mr. Brayley's Journal: OG Connection Letter #42: Retirement (1984-2016) 266, 2 St, Cardston, 3 Jan '85 Dear Sasso, We spent September in England with Len and Una, and I had 16 days in India while Jean and the Hugheses and Bas went to Minorca. I wasn't sure whether Oak Grove still existed. There wasn't a soul that I knew who was still in India,... Continue Reading October 25, 2019 Hill School: G. Huddleston Excerpts from CHAPTER XXIII of a book written by Mr. G. Huddleston in 1906, dedicated to his colleagues in East India Railway Company On the purchase of the undertaking by Government on 1st January, 1880, it was, as already explained, found that a sum of over four lakhs of rupees remained at credit of the Saving... Continue Reading

Over the years, Oakgrovians Young & Old worldwide have created a multitude of content across diverse fora, pertaining to their Alma Mater. From the MSN and Yahoo Groups of the early days of the internet to the current Facebook groups, and from personal diaries to several personal blogs, Oak Grove has found a mention. Articles, memoirs, anecdotes, stories, reminiscence and tributes, prose and poetry – here is a summation of the content floating around the web.

If you have an article, opinion, or an OG memoir to share here, an anecdote or story to narrate, a poem to pay an ode to the alma mater with, please send it to us. Till such time, enjoy scrolling through the rich collection of posts on this website.

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