Things I miss about Oak Grove

Panorama: Girls School flat

  1. That boring morning PT.
  2. Miss Farzana waking us up (get up girls ..get up) God her tone was nothing less than a horrifying alarm.
  3. Rushing to the wash basin area to brush (actually make turns to brush).
  4. Sleeping during morning preps.
  5. Getting scolded by the table head everyday cause everyday I used to make a fuss about food.
  6. Running through the corridor at every breaks.
  7. Dancing in the common hall every Saturday and Sunday night.
  8. Watching movies and our favourite daily soaps at night. (Although half of the time seniors punished me due to getting late for bath but still I used to manage watching my favourite soap from that famous punishment point near the cupboard area …hahaha never got caught even).
  9. I miss my 11 number cubical that I was allotted when I was in class 6 by my house captain (Mirabai House) and I used the same cubical till my last day of school.
  10. I miss sitting around that huge tree outside OGGS kitchen, all decisions were taken there though, very important place for me and my best friend.
  11. I miss sneaking around swimming pool area.
  12. I miss climbing the rooftop.
  13. I miss getting punished under the clock whenever caught coming from dormitory during breaks.
  14. I miss those late night talks across the beds.

And then there are lot many things I miss about that paradise called OAK GROVE… teachers, girls, amma jis, I miss it all. It’s like I get never tired of thinking and speaking of my school. Only OAKGROVIANS will understand what OAK GROVE was for us..

It was a home away from home.

– Debarati Chakraborty (2014 Batch)

This content has been reproduced from a Facebook post by Debarati Chakraborty on February 20, 2018. The original post dates back to 2016, and was re-posted as a memory by Debarati.


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