We love this school of ours,
We’re Oak Grove’s children true;
We’ll serve her in her darkest hours, and in her glory too.

These lines written on the wall beside the valley still echo in my ears, as if the walls are singing those enchanting lines and calling us back. Those faded walls across the valley have millions of stories of love, hatred, childhood, loneliness engulfed in them. Go and touch those deaf, mute and blind walls, who hear everything that happens around them, but remain deaf to be your confidant forever. When you’re alone and quiet, they speak to you, try to help you get rid of your loneliness but then remain mute so that you speak to them. They watch everything that goes around them, they are like your parents who have seen you growing from a small, afraid child to a big and strong man, but still they appear blind so that you try to walk on your own and choose your path. Children of hers have played in this valley for years and are still playing, but then they go away. They go away leaving her behind, leaving those memories behind, that love behind. How nice it was, sitting with your mates and enjoying in her lap, the world’s best sleep you get in her grass. Those tantrums with girls, silly fights, chits exchange forum, all this nostalgia happened in her lap. The fancy-fair or the fair of love, students wait for this festivity throughout the year, and when it starts arriving, trust me it’s not less than a wedding organised in the heaven of OG. Boys used to be in full chaos to impress their bride, all those fancy waxes, imported perfumes, cool glasses, polished shoes, all these happened just 2-3 minutes before the cutting of ribbon outside the valley. All set, checked twice and then the vision zooms to the other side of the valley (the anaconda way), from where the countdown of the arrival of beautiful angels started and a light music of violin too in the ears of our desperate boys.

Flying around the valley like bees and staring at their brides made the moment so soothing, taking her for a chat-papdi, pani-puri, keema-paratha or the silly games – Wow, mesmerising, right? Those naughty comments from our mates, spy vision of our teachers. To get away from all these, the couple always wanted a secure and uncaptured place to hang on, which was ultimately not possible in the valley because of the spy agents from GS who were trained for years for all these, even a single bee couldn’t go unidentified from their vision. It was like a retreating ceremony, where we meet our neighbouring enemies off the war front, shared mutual respect and love too and then went back to our empire with the troops. OG is a separate world away from the insanity of the real world, it gives a totally different texture of life, teaches you the next genre of survival, not just the survival of the fittest but the cleverest too. It’s going to be just a year since our batch passed out but it seems everyday the flashback goes on and on in front of my eyes. Still some habits are not ready to go away, because now they are injected in the veins. I still remember the last day at the school, the farewell and yeah, the social farewell (which was official date), and the amazing experience that was the pigeon talks; though the world is in 21st century, but we are the mixture of classical and modern world, the chit talks, trust me it’s even better than the Ted talks. You actually need to pursue a special degree as to how you talk to your girl via the chits, dude it requires immense and intense hard work of years to get your own artistic style, when you write to impress on the chits. I still miss each and everyone from our batch who made my life a better place to live, Kudos. You all are great mates. There’s more lot to come, till then, hang on for the next edition of “UNTOLD STORY OF OG”.


– Priyam Sinha (2018 Batch)

This article was shared on email by Priyam Sinha on Dec 27, 2018. This is his second submission on Oakgrovians Young & Old.

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  1. NIKHIL RAJ 2 years ago

    Nice one..@priyam..

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