I saw this young bespectacled boy,
Standing a little away from the crowd,
Clutching his bed-arch in the dormitory;
And I thought to myself, I would be just like him at his age.
We smiled at each other & he walked up to me to ask,
Which one was my bed and which class section did I belong to?
Finding out we were of different sections,
He paused a bit and then replied with a hug,
“It’s OK Sir, at least we share the same bed!”
And I was reassured of all my feelings that keep me alive.
Up here in the wide green hills and a greener valley,
Surrounded by oak and smell of moss,
Where fog and clouds cannot be separated,
And the colors of dawn & dusk define our mood.
Because weather could get cold,
The people here are warmer than anywhere else.
Where I don’t need an excuse, to say things aloud,
Where I own acres, without an inch to my name.
A destination that is only mine;
A journey I take to meet myself.
It is here in Jharipani where,
We don’t smile, we laugh and cry.
We don’t meet, we hug and kick.
We walk away slowly from this place,
To turn back one day & find each other,
Just the way we departed, standing at the very same spot.
And we walk slowly this time too,
Only to stop and glue ourselves Into open arms of a friend.
Waiting at ease, knowing it was time;
To laugh & cry, yet again.

– Kanishka Mallick (1996 Batch)

This piece was shared by Kanishka Mallick as a Facebook post on the Oak Grove School, Mussoorie page on November 01, 2017.


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