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Particular items were placed under the 'runners' (a long cushion used for kneeling on, during the service). What were they?

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Letters were hidden under the runners during the service in OG, the Mail Exchange back in those days.

The Catholic students in Oak Grove School attended Mass in?

Oak Grove Girls School
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The Catholic students attended Mass in JS. The girls wore white dresses and walked across with Miss Raffin (or Minnie).

Which two students in the GS were caught 'Hairstyling' during a free period in the early 1960s?

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Pamela and Carolyn, caught by Miss Garlah and punished in the corridor.

In the 1960s, at year end, the Guides and Scouts put on a bonfire and entertainment for the school. Where was this held?

After the play
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Tennis Courts, just off the valley, hosted this year end event with a huge bonfire, snacks, skits of the year's standout events, sing alongs.

What was the word used for messaging the boys in the Valley from the GS Hillside?

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Flagging was the activity of messaging the boys in the valley with handkerchiefs.

Most of our staff in the GS had a nickname. Who was called 'Tootsie'?

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Miss Garlah was, very affectionately, called Tootsie by her students.

Which teacher in the GS used the 'ruler' on the palm to punish the girls most often?

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Miss Ella "Wella" Wesley, the most feared teacher of her time. She also had a dog called Shadow (we've asked this earlier).

Fill in the blanks. This song was sung at year end to the Cambridge students. 'Cambridge, Cambridge, what are you going to do, when non Cambridge say goodbye to you; It won't be a merry parting, to see ___________'

Std 10th, 1946
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It won't be a merry parting, to see the 'Special' starting; So you better buck up, don't depend on luck and on eating Maulabux's Tuck... went the song.

GS Student Lillian C was a descendant of 'Skinner', of Skinner’s Horse fame. What was the Skinner residence in Barlow Ganj called?

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Sikander Hall is the right answer. Carolyn Fraser (the quizmaster) had the privilege of having Afternoon Tea here along with her friends Swarch, Joan and Bill in 2005.

Which GS student was punished for raiding the Orchard in the early 1960s?

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Christina Charlesworth, caught by Miss Garlah and made to stand under the school clock.

The Carolyn Fraser Challenge
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Oh Dear! Such dismal scores? I'm afraid I'll stick to spending time with Elvis here, since you did not turn out that bright! What a shame that is 🙁
Thank you for taking the quiz!

Oh, how wonderful to see a person who knows their history a bit! Well done, you! Maybe I'll spin you a tougher challenge the next time. Till then, keep smiling, like I am 🙂

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