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In which year were telephones introduced in the JS Dormitory, that allowed only incoming calls from parents?

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Telephones were installed in the JS Dorm in 2009.

Two adjoining trees, also popularly known as the singing tree and the dancing tree, are located in which part of the campus?

Cricket In The Valley
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These two adjoining trees are located on the JS flat.

In which year were the maroon blazers and sweaters replaced by a new uniform of blue blazers and grey sweaters?

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The new uniforms were introduced in 2009. The code was reverted to maroons again, within 3 years.

Which of these teachers claimed to experience paranormal activities in her residence?

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Many other JS teachers who have stayed in that particular residence (opposite the staircase leading to HMJS room) have made similar claims.

Which Indian Olympian visited Oak Grove as a Chief Guest in 2014?

The valley in all its finery
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Which Bollywood dancer, who has also worked with Shah Rukh Khan, came to choreograph OG students for 2 consecutive Founders' Days?

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Uma Shankar came to choreograph OG students for 2 consecutive Founders' Days. He worked as supporting dancer for Shah Rukh Khan in many of his films like Don.

Name the teachers who played the roles of School Head and Games Teacher in an episode of a web series hosted by popular actor Karan Kundra, filmed at OG.

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An episode of a web series called Gumrah was shot in Oak Grove, featuring Ms. T. Joshi and Ms. A. Sharma as the then Head and PTI of OGGS.

Over how many days did the celebrations of Oak Grove's 125th Founders Day carry on?

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Events marking the 125th Founders Day were celebrated over 10 days in 2013.

Every year, BS students of one Class had to follow the tradition of breaking the law by visiting GS on the day of Holi. Which Class was this?

Valley to Girls School
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Every year on Holi, the current batch of X-ers had to follow the tradition of paying a visit to GS, to celebrate with their batchmates.

What was the name of the Tournament instituted by OG in the honour of a beloved student who lost his life due to a freak gunshot?

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Alok Ranjan was a bright student who lost his life to an accidental misfire at shooting practice in the NCC range. This tournament was instituted in his memory in 2006.

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