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In which year did Lal Bahadur Shastri visit Oak Grove?

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Lal Bahadur Shastri visited Oak Grove in 1954, when he was the Railways Minister.

When did Oak Grove start using its first emblem?

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Oak Grove's first emblem came into being in 1926.

When was the Principal's Residence constructed?

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The residence of the Principal, OG was constructed in 1906.

In which year did the first piano arrive in Oak Grove?

Piano Gallery
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Oak Grove received its first piano in 1889.

How many students were on the rolls of Senior Girls School when it became operational?

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There were 45 girls on the rolls of Senior Girls School in its first year of operation.

When did Oak Grove acquire its first Billiards table?

Barton McGill
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The first Billiards table came to OG in 1905.

In which year was the Senior Girls School set up?

Oak Grove Girls School
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Oak Grove Senior Girls School was set up in 1897.

What is the area covered by the Senior Girls School?

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The Senior Girls School is spread over an area of 52.4 acres.

Who was the first Indian to become Principal, Oak Grove School?

Principal's residence
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Mr. A.K. Bhaduri was the first Indian Principal of Oak Grove School.

In which year did Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales visit OG on her way to Mussoorie?

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The Princess of Wales (Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia; 1 Dec 1844 – 20 Nov 1925) visited Oak Grove in 1906.

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