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So if you got extra marks in tests above your merited score, because you were a teacher's favourite, then you got what?

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Pop marks were scores obtained in tests by virtue of your popularity with a particular teacher, over and above those you got because of your merit.

Illegal swims in the BS pool, mostly attempted during afternoon rest time and prep time, were called?

Swimming pool, 1946
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Sly swims were very common in the summer afternoons. The bolder guys used to go for swims at night also.

Usmani Ji gave you a TABC shot when you joined OG back for a new academic year. What did that stand for?

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Typhoid A, B and Cholera vaccine, the dreadful poke to begin every new academic year with, that would give you a swollen, painful shoulder, and a fever to boot.

In OGBS, if you had a sister, she would be called your Sis. If you had a brother, he would be called your?

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Yep, you read that right. Contrary to what one might think, Bra was used as short for Brother in OGBS.

Lingo is what this challenge is about- the language we spoke at OG. What other name was it called by?

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Lingo is the language we spoke at OG, with its unique terms and connotations. Also called Twang.

Several slangs were used for trousers and tunics, that had become several inches short during the course of a session. Except which slang?

Junior School pupils, 1946
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Cherapunjies, or Floods, were trousers that had shrunk and rode 2 to 3 inches above the ankles. Apply that to Girls School, and you’ll get a Roman Soldier.

If you were using Bhonf, that would be slang for you using what?

AFI (Auxiliary Force India) Camp, 1946
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Bhonf was slang for Toilet Paper, back in the days of Toilet Paper in Oak Grove.

An adventurous group of Class X girls decided to run away from OG together in 1972. What were they called?

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The wonderful, bold, friendly and adventurous group of Class X girls in 1972 were called Beagle Brats.

What were Ambi Raids?

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Ambi Raids were an unauthorised activity to steal (by plucking off trees) raw/ unripened mangoes. There also used to be Bhutta Raids in the general area behind the water reservoir.

If you were 'reducing' at the start of an Inter-School athletics season, then what activity were you preparing for?

MSSA Olympics, Wynberg Allen, 1988
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Indexing was the pre-competition weighing-in activity, and athletes and players were often found trying to drop excess pounds to make it to their desired divisions.

The Lingo Challenge
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Thank you for your interest in this challenge!

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