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A Boys School teacher, who got rostered on Tuesday, ended up having his nickname based on an item served for dinner. Identify him.

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Mr. D.P. Shukla picked up his nick name, Chol, from the staple Tuesday dinner chholas.

This was a teacher known for his outstanding vocabulary. His prized possession was The Random House English Dictionary. Who is he?

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Mr. K.C. Kukreti, who also became HMBS, was known for his love of English language and physical fitness.

Shadow was the name of a huge dog that once lived in OGGS. Name the teacher whose pet Shadow was.

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Shadow was Ms. Ella Wesley's dog.

Which teachers were lovingly called Oak Grove's Wright Brothers?

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Mr. Banerjee (Physics teacher) and Mr. Chimmwal (Mathematics teacher) were also referred to as Wright Brothers by students.

What was the moniker given to Ms. N.C. David (HMGS) by Mr. P.K. Bagchi (OGBS Music Teacher)?

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Mr. Bagchi referred to Ms. David as Queen Victoria in jest.

Before he became Principal, Oak Grove, he was a teacher at NDA. Later, he also became Principal, Lawrence School, Sanawar. Identify him.

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Mr. B.R. Pasricha had served at the National Defence Academy before joining Oak Grove.
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She was a Head Mistress at OG, all three of whose children went on to serve the Indian Armed Forces. Who is she?

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Mrs. L. Gupta served OG as HM. Her children are Late Ravinder Gupta, Late Jitendra Gupta (on whose name Jackie Tournament is named) and Virendra Gupta.

He worked in the hospital, and was called Mr. APC by the students. Who was he?

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Mr. Usmani, the one whose injections were dreaded by one and all, was called Mr. APC, short for Aspirin, Paracetamol and Crocin, which he gave everyone in a packet to take thrice a day.

Who was the first member of staff in Oak Grove to own a scooter?

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Mr. Sagar, who helmed the OGBS Kitchen for several years as Housekeeper, was the first staff member to get a scooter in OG.

A teacher in OGBS, who was MOD generally on Tuesdays, got nicknamed for an item that was served for breakfast. Identify the teacher.

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Mr. Midha was given the moniker Suji, thanks to Tuesday breakfasts at OGBS.

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