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Besides Sardarji and Neelams, this place used to be the favourite haunt of girls during Mussoorie trips in the late 1960s. Name the place.

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Chic Chocolate was a favourite haunt of the girls on Mussoorie trips. Must have been the softy cones that lured them there!

Who was fondly given the nickname Ma Davy in Girls School?

Dramatics, Panna Dai play (Deep Daan)
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Ms. David, Head Mistress Girls School, was also called Ma Davy by the students.

Which food item from the dinner table was a hot favourite during Midnight feasts in the late 1960s?

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Poori Halwa (Tuesday Dinner) made for the most desired Midnight feast. These feasts in the dorm were usually organised by standard VII - VIII girls.

Name the award scheme, under which girls had to undergo challenges for gold, silver, bronze medals and certificates?

Oak Grove Girls School
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Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. India now awards the "International Award for Young People" to youth who complete a self-improvement programme based on the Duke of Edinburgh's award model.

Which code word was popularly used to warn each other in OGGS, if any teacher was sighted?

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Chivvy Chivvy was the popular code word used in OGGS. The Boys School equivalent was a term called C.K.

Which Girls School teacher was fondly given the nickname Noddy?

Mrs. Joshi & Surabhi, Founders Day Vinodini Joshi
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Miss Joshi was fondly called Noddy by the girls.

What fashion became popular among the girls in GS after the release of the movie "Jewel Thief" in 1967?

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GS was besotted with the caps worn by Dev Anand in Jewel Thief. Ms. Sukhdeep Aulakh was a pioneer of this trend.

Name the Girls School Head Mistress, who, according to OG folklore, was later discovered to be a male.

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Mr. W.H. Wortham was in love with a teacher in Girls School, and disguised himself as a woman to work in OGGS and be close to her.

Where did the Protestant girls of GS go to attend the Sunday Mass?

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Protestant girls used a chapel in the school itself, adjoining the Head Mistress's abode.

Which OGGS teacher was inspired by Subhash Chandra Bose and proclaimed to be his girl friend?

Staff, Senior Girls School Vinodini Joshi
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Miss Kohli, the Maths teacher in OGGS, was inspired by S.C. Bose.

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