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In which year were the ACHIEVERZ Classes - 'The best coaching classes in Dehradun' - started in OG?

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ACHIEVERZ Classes were started in the year 2012.

Back in the days of boilers, one OGBS boiler man loved his poetry, and would sing aloud while working early morning. Who was he?

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Pyare lal was the boiler operator in OGBS, ensuring that there was warm water for baths without fail. He was a shy poet, who had to be coaxed into reciting pieces he loved.

Which movie, starring Kunal Kapoor, Soni Razdan and M.K. Raina was recently shot in Oak Grove?

Siddhartha Mehra
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Noblemen, directed by Vandana Kataria, starring Kunal Kapoor, Soni Razdan and M.K. Raina was shot in Oak Grove. It is now also available on Netflix.

The ghost of a matron, who shot herself in the GS dorm, comes looking for pretty girls in the dorm according to which popular GS story?

Oak Grove Girls School
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The name of this super recent thriller, horror, suspense GS Dorm Drama is - Jaagi ho to bachaati kyun nahi? Why don't you save me if you are awake?

In which year did the NCC cadets march on Founders' Day for the last time?

NCC Troop inspection, Founders Day, 1988
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Oak Grove lost its NCC accreditation soon after the 125th Founders Day owing to not adhering to a calendar of activities prescribed. The cadets have been a thing of the past since then.

Which principal started the system of 'Social Farewells' for Class XII students of Oak Grove?

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Mr. Anurag Tripathi started the system of 'Social Farewells' for Class XIIers.

In the days of Inter House Gardening competitions, which area was allocated to Shivaji House Garden?

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Shivaji House Garden was a sloping mound on the back of the Music Room and the Games Store, facing the HMBS residence block.

Who was the most recent Minister of Railways to visit to Oak Grove School?

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Suresh Prabhu's visit to Oak Grove was the most recent one by a Minister of Railways.

According to prevalent stories in school, which Head Master's wife died of a snake bite?

Staff presented the Play "Pomander Walk" in 1937
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Col. A.C. Chapman, OG's first Head Master, apparently lost his wife to a snake bite.

Name the ghost who supposedly dribbles a basketball near the stairs of the OGBS junior dorm (erstwhile Ashoka/ Patel dorms) every Friday?

OG Boys School Dormitory
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The ghost story of Kanji Lal (Kanchi Lal) is a very old one. Over the years, the location associated with the story hasn't changed, but his activities seem to have evolved to basketball.

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