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The OGBS swimming pool had a pole running across in the middle. What was it used for?

Tub Race
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The pole was used for a game of balance called Pole Fight.

In whose memory is the OGJS Badminton Hall named?

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The OGJS Badminton Hall is named in the memory of Mr. S.C. Verma, Art teacher, OGBS.

What was Mussoorie Olympics and where was it held?

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Mussoorie Olympics was an Inter school athletics meet, held every year at Wynberg Allen School.

Every year, The Jackie Memorial Football tournament is hosted by?

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St. George's College hosts the Jackie Memorial Football tournament every year.

What was depth of The OGBS Swimming pool at the deepest point?

Swimming pool, 1946
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The OGBS pool is 7 feet 11 inches deep at its deepest point.

The Jackie Memorial has an Oak Grove Connection. Who is it held in the memory of?

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Jitendra Gupta (s/o Mrs Lata Gupta, HMJS, 1961-1975), popularly called Jackie, completed his ISC in 1966 from SGC. Jackie lost his life in a swimming accident while training at IMA in 1972.

What does M.S.S.A. stand for?

Arindam Burman
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M.S.S.A. stands for Mussoorie Schools Sports Association

In OGBS, for what game/ sport was the Chesney Memorial Medal given?

Sanjay Sutradhar
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Chesney Memorial Medal was a medal given for athletics.

In Junior School, what was the rolling trophy awarded for best performance in sports called?

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Alexander Challenge Cup was awarded as a rolling trophy for outstanding performance in sports in OGJS.

Identify the torch bearer and the year this event took place.

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Major General Anand Singh Rawat, Ex-Oakgrovian (and this Trivia Challenge's creator), was the proud torch bearer at the 130th Sports Day at OG, on October 12, 2018.

The Rocky Sports Challenge
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