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In which year did Mahatma Gandhi refuse to visit OG for Founder’s Day?

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The Mahatma was a regular visitor to Mussoorie. He came very close to a formal Jharipani visit before he was assassinated in 1948.

While trekking to Mussoorie, girls used to tie strings on a 'Love Tree', which was eventually chopped to discourage this practice. When was the tree chopped off?

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We would have given you the answer if you had tied a string to the tree as well. Come on, try a guess?

In which year were OG students forced to skip the SC exams due to a chicken pox pandemic?

Sketching at Ganji Pahaadi
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We could give you the answer, but that would make it too easy!

While laying the foundation stone for OG, the architect used a special brick to keep ghosts and other bad omen away. What was the brick made of?

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It is still a common practice in India to bury materials in foundation pits to ward off evil spirits. We hope you know your building materials.

In which year did an OGBS student die of laughing excessively?

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It is tragic to die of funny things, we know. But we would want you to take it seriously and find out the answer yourself.

Name the BS captain who ran away from school to participate in the Dandi March in 1930.

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He never made it back to Oak Grove. The name could be a clue.

In which year did Oak Grove start participating in Mussoorie Olympics?

MSSA Olympics, Wynberg Allen, 1988
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The quizmasters insist that this time, you've to get it right on your own!

In which year did a GS /BS couple formally have a wedding in the GS chapel?

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The quizmasters are mum. Ask the couple's mums?

In 1888, how many toilets were there in total in each of the three schools?

A walk back in time
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Yes, this seems like a trick question. Think carefully, look at the year again.

How many male teachers were there in OGGS in 1913?

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This was before the WW1 broke out. That isn't helpful, or is it?

The S.A.S.S. Conundrum
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